Hennessy together on the island. Johnny, Mirren and Gat

Hennessy GentryPeriod 8Character Analysis EssayNovember 26 2017We Were Liars.    In E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars Cady was a gorgeous, young, smart, and happy girl. She was born into a rich and beautiful American family and they were all happy. Her mother and father have had this picture perfect relationship up until her father left her mother for his mistress, everything in her life was perfect. Beechwood Island was owned by their family where Cady and her family visit for the summer. In summer fifteen after her parents split, Cady was involved in an accident down by the beach. Cady was found half-dressed on the beach with none of the liars with her. The police and doctor said it could have been caused by her falling down and hitting her head on a rock. This accident caused memory loss and she can’t live a day without a headache. None of her family will tell her what happened with her because they think it would be best for her to remember on her own.  After Cady went home from the hospital nothing was the same about her. From the beginning of the novel Cady was happy and nice but after the accident at the Beachwood she changed, she lost her relationship with those close to her, became hostile and had to deal with the pain of getting her memory back. Cady and her friends always have a very good relationship unlike her relationship with her mother and father. Her and the liars have been the best of friends since they were born. They were all born in the same month so they have grown up together on the island. Johnny, Mirren and Gat were all apart of the liars. They always hung out during the summers at Beechwood island. After she left the hospital after the accident Cady tried to reach out to the all liars and talk to them about what happened but they never responded. “Called and left her messages that later I was ashamed of, they were so lonely and needy” ( Lockhart 36). This quotation shows how none of the liars would respond to Cady or talk about the incident at the beach and how she felt about them ignoring her. Once she finally arrived at the beach her and the liars were all down by the lake. Gat was talking about some political issue and Cady told him to shut up, which she has never done before. Gat responded by walking away and said “I don’t tell you to shut up, Cady” (Pg 19). This shows how Cady had changed her attitude toward one of her closest friends and the love of her life and how they feel about what happened with Cady. When Cadence falls in love with Gat, she begins to see the world differently. She says, “he doesn’t like to let us off easy. He wants to make us think—even when we don’t feel like thinking” (Pg 20). The Liars accept Gat into their group, but he will never be a Sinclair. Gat begins talking about a trip he did over the summer where he went to India and saw how bad the people have it there and how lucky he is to have the things he has, Cadence tells him, “You remind us that we’re selfish bastards. You’re not one of us, that way” (Pg 20). Cady appreciates Gats truthfulness about her family and when he tells her these things she begins to realize that what her family is selfish and all they care about it money and things. One of the biggest elements changed about Cady was her attitude toward her family and herself. Cady went from being this loving and caring seventeen year old to being a hostile and angry eighteen year old. “I used to be strong, but now I am weak. I used to be pretty, but now I look sick” ( Pg 4). Cady has a hatred toward herself by saying that she used to look pretty but now she looks sick and saying that now she has become weak because of the accident at the beach. Cady has become depressed since her father left and the accident occurred. Not only does her attitude change but her outside appearance. She was blonde but she decided to color her hair black after she recuperated from the accident. Her relationship with her mother is also not great. Her mother thinks that showing emotions isn’t being the perfect family. When Cady’s father left her mother did nothing but buy new things to put in the house. Cady’s mother coped with her husband’s infidelity by doing what she does best, spend money. She got rid of everything in the house that her husband bought and she bought new things including ivory statues. These statues are something that Cadence’s mom and aunts fight over. As long as her perfect family can be perfect , “It doesn’t matter if divorce shreds the muscles of our hearts so that they will hardly beat without a struggle. It doesn’t matter if trust-fund money is running out; if credit card bills go unpaid on the kitchen counter. It doesn’t matter if there’s a cluster of pill bottles on the bedside table” ( Pg 6). This is Cady’s interpretation of what her mother and aunts think is important. Once Granny Tipper died her grandfather decided that he did not want to live in the biggest house (The Clairmont) anymore. All of his daughters were fighting about who would get the house including Cady’s mother. This wanted her and the Liars to burn the house down, she said ” Thus, he would punish the greedy, the petty, the prejudiced, the normal, the unkind” ( Pg 174). This shows how hostile she was toward her family and to her own mother. Once Cady realized how selfish her family is and how they do not appreciate anything Cadence decides to teach her family a lesson. She was going to burn down the Clairmont. The Clairmont was a house on Beechwood island that her mother and aunts have been fighting over since Granny Tipper passed. Her plan was to destroy the house so her family would no longer fight. Cadence imagines that what they’re doing is heroic, saying, “contrary to the expectations of the beautiful family in which I was raised, I am an arsonist./A visionary, a heroine, a rebel./The kind of person who changes history” (Pg 182).What Cady is trying to do is just trying to help her family get along. She wants to help her family get along the way things used to be. This choice of burning down the house may seem harmless but it ends up deadly.”It was a horrible thing to do,” she admits. “Maybe. But it was something. It wasn’t sitting by, complaining. I am a more powerful person than my mother will ever know. I have trespassed against her and helped her, too”(Pg 185). She did not want anyone to get hurt in the situation she just wanted her family to appreciate what they have, but with this, she killed three of her best friends. Throughout the book Cady is involved in many traumatic events that have changed her life forever. Her father leaving changed the relationship with her mother and her dad. Thus making Cady depressed. “Over 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood”(Center for discovery). This means that 1 in every 5 teens could become depressed or is depressed. Any many times teens do not seek help for their depression. Losing some of her best friends definitely changed her life forever. But she said at the end of the book that she would try and become a better person by becoming kinder to people. She said that’s what her friends would have wanted. This shows how much Cady has evolved from the beginning of the book and how she’s striving to become better.