Here, deserved to share the benefit of the degree

Here, June contended
that Melvin got the MBA degree during their marriage and the degree made him employed
at the very famous Bank, thus, she deserved to share the benefit of the degree
as an equitable property. Melvin argued that even though he agree with the more
possibility of getting better job form the degree, the income of MBA degree
would be future monetary value. The degree was not measured by the money. He could
not sell his degree to the other people. The Court found that the value of a
professional degree for purposes of property distribution is nothing more than
the possibility of enhanced earnings that the particular academic credential
will provide. A professional’s earning capacity. Melvin assert that she also
studied master degree for 1 year before separation. She also got master degree.

He was not necessary to compensate the living cost during his study. June rebut
that without her financial support, he could not graduate the MBA Cours.

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Furthermore, she worked full-time during her study. The Court held that even
though earing capacity such as MBA degree was not equitable property, Melvin got
the benefit from June’s support during the marriage, thus, Melvin must
reimburse to June.