Here disability. Coming from this type of background will

Here I am; unique, strong-willed and ambitious. I am
ready to take on a new challenge. I have many interests but I am especially
passionate about empowering and using my story to inspire people. I have always
had a natural flair for inspiring people. To be able to be my authentic self
and educate others is both a delight and a dream come true.

My interest in Anthropology has mainly manifested
itself in Year 12, I booked speaking engagements and took part in films where
the goal was to empower and motivate people, landing opportunities each year
for the last three years of secondary school. My connection with this course
also manifested from having a background where I was belittled and mocked at
due to growing up with a disability. Coming from this type of background will help
me understand this course because I will get an in-depth understanding of the cultural
development of humans and human beliefs. By studying Anthropology, I will be
able to look at both past and present cultures and see how a language affects
culture. The skills these activities gave me are creative thinking, practising
skills and engagement with the audience.

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By the age of 15, my passion to motivate and empower
others had become intense and I needed to indulge that; I participated in a
competition called ‘Tower Hamlets public speak-out challenge. From here I moved
on to participate in a film called ‘Cerebral People’ with teenagers with
cerebral palsy, a well-known teenagers’ film where I developed my dream career
of motivational speaking further.

At the age of 16, I did a presentation to Paediatric
Physiotherapists about patients’ perspective of physiotherapy. The aim of the
presentation was to give my perspective on my condition, how this affects me
and what physio I have received as a result. The skills I gained from doing the
presentation were active listening skills, confidence skills and composing
skills. In my two years in the sixth form, I have been studying BTEC Business
and the skills I have gained from studying this subject are confidence,
organisation and planning; I have gained these skills via planning for a bake
sale event in year 12, doing group presentations and researching for my
assignments thoroughly.

I love watching Ted Talks because this teaches me
different aspects of life, the struggles people go through and how they
overcome them. Anthropology is my pathway because I want to get an insight on
the different attributes of human life and what makes us human. I participated
in a Model UN conference in July 2017 where I represented South Africa in my
committee and I got to research ways to make sure women and girls had the same
rights as men. I got ‘the most lovely delegate’ award in my committee.

I took part in the National Citizen Service programme
during Summer 2017 for 4 weeks where I was in a team with different people from
Tower Hamlets. I was able to develop my communication skills even further
because an organisation called Speaking Trust gave a lecture on what to do
before, during and after giving a speech. After a couple of hours writing and
practising my speech, I presented to my team and the ‘Tower Hamlets’ wave on
the NCS programme. My speech was on ‘Youth Opportunities’ – how youth should be
given more opportunities. I am bilingual and this taps the brain in two
different cultures, which I am very proud of.

I intend to take on an Anthropology degree course in
September. If I study Anthropology at university, I know my interests in this
area will remain strong and I will develop my abilities through hobbies with
the hope of pursuing it further later in life.

I can’t begin to describe how exciting this is for me to
have the opportunity to study at a degree level. It would be fantastic and would
give me the chance to really fulfil my potential. I am curious, open-minded,
strong-willed, free-spirited and most of all I am hard-working and determined
to succeed – I will give my all to get to where I want to be.