Hi, do not think it’s a good idea because

Hi, my name is Andrew Middleton and I am a Federalist. A federal government consists of several states ruled under one power or authority. “Many of those in the Federalist party (the opposing party to Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans) believe that he object on Constitutional grounds if any of them have tried to do the same thing. Therefore, Federalists are very much opposed to the purchase.”(Moneymaker)  I have brought before Congress a very pressing matter. Thomas Jefferson wants to buy the Louisiana Purchase, it seems like a great idea but it is very unconstitutional. Thomas Jefferson knows that it is unconstitutional and we need to stand our ground. The buying of The Louisiana Purchase is unconstitutional because the constitution has no provision for purchasing land, and Thomas Jefferson is adding to our national debt and Republicans will gain some power. The Louisiana purchase is a piece of land west of the colonies that if bought would double the size of the United States. Thomas Jefferson wants to buy it for 15 million dollars, which is a pretty big steal. Napoleon Bonaparte owns the land and France wants to sell it to the United States. I do not think it’s a good idea because it is not what we stand for in our constitution. In our constitution, we do not have a provision for purchasing land.Our Constitution has no provision for purchasing land. Our constitution does not allow us to buy land so I do not think we need to buy this land. “The General Government has no powers but such as the Constitution gives it, “It has not given it power of holding foreign territory, and still less of incorporating it into the Union. An amendment of the Constitution seems necessary for this.”(NCC staff). Thomas Jefferson needs an amendment to the constitution to make this purchase possible. If congress gives into this demand they will show vulnerability so congress needs to stand their ground. Thomas Jefferson is using more money than we have so he is really increasing our national debt which needs to be paid. I know 15 million dollars for 828,000 square miles of land is very tempting but we do not need to put our country into more debt because if this debt is not paid off it will get bigger and will be very unpayable. There is a lot of money that we owe to other countries so it is a pretty bad idea to go through with this. How are we supposed to know what is even in the land because the french could betray us with the land. If we even buy this land it will take even more money to build settlements and explore it so it is really a very bad idea. The Democratic Republicans, which is Thomas Jefferson’s political party, will gain power from this purchase of land. They will not gain power from the land itself but from congress itself. The reason the will get power is because if they can get an amendment to the constitution they can possibly get more amendments to the constitution without breaking a sweat. Since they are Thomas Jefferson’s political party they do have a lot have power right now and that is why I ask congress to not let Thomas Jefferson do this. If Democratic Republican  political party dominates the Federalists we will not have much of a voice in any decision.Our country does not need to buy the Louisiana purchase because it will have a lot of money involved in it and President Jefferson does not have the right to buy the land. If Thomas Jefferson can get away with this then his political party can get away with anything. Thomas Jefferson knows this is unconstitutional and he has to be reprimanded for even trying to amend our great constitution. As a federalist I put it upon myself to battle Thomas Jefferson from buying this land. I know some of this has been repetitive and that congress is probably tired of hearing this put I cannot stress this enough because it is a very big controversy in the states and it needs to be fought. Thank you congress for hearing my stance on this issue.