Hi of product, limited of knowledge especially on examination

Hi everyone. There are
usually that we heard about students who are like to had last minutes
study whether for their examination or in doing the academic task. So
do you think that was effective ways ? I was strongly believe that
last-minute study was not an effective way to get a good result. The
reason of my opinion was because the student that practiced a
last-minute study will having a low quality of product, limited of
knowledge especially on examination and it will lead to loss of
determination on academic.

Firstly, why I said
last-minute study was not effective ways to get good results because
students will having a poor standard of task to their instructor.
When students doing their task in running of time, it will put
students under pressure and lead them to carelessly completing their
works. Usually student will look out the information from an
internet. Unfortunately in the rush time they was do not care about
the legibility of the source. Beside that, organized work was one the
important element to get high mark. But this element was always be
forgotten when they doing their work recklessly. In addition,
last-minutes student always not have enough time to double check
their work even for common error such in spelling and formatical. So
from that we need to prepare early for our study due to completing
the task excellently.

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Next, last-minute study was
really not a good way because they doing their work with the limited
information. Why I said that because usually for last-minute student
they will only study on the key point of the their subject in the
short time. But how many the possibility that key point was include
in the examination .Futhermore, if they just study on keypoint it
will not give them a detailed explaination which are always demanding
in the examination questions so it will causing a low mark.After
that, with pack of work to do in once time make they loss much of
information compared than retrieve it. This is because our brain was
shock due to suddenly overload work and having a lot of input that
need to digest and make them cannot memorize it well. So we need to
gain the knowledge with revise our study out time of time.

Other than that, last-minute
study can make students loss of their determination for make effort
in academic. A lots of works give students a reckless day especially
when they need to stayed for the all night long. For the next day
class, they can not be focus in class due to a restless of body and
maybe they will sleep while th lecturer giving a lectures.
Futhermore, attend to a load of work that need to complete in a short
time it will make students to give up on some of their task and give
a priority to a task that have higher mark. Indeed, students need
always be motivated on their study and not extend their work until
almost to the due date of submitting.

In conclusion, the work with
last-minute study make students submitted their unworthy task and
bring the lack of knowledge to the examination hall. They will not
have motivation to give attempt to their work. They should not do
that because it will effected their mark and of course to their
result too. They should get ready early so that they can give a good
performance on their study. Well someone said,” practice make
perfect”, thats why if they had enough time to repeat back what
they already learned for sure they will get a result with flying
colour.Thats all from me. Thank you.