Home places aren’t always the most amazing or inspiring.

Home is where everybody’s story begins! Millions of houses exist in the world yet only small fraction of those are anything special. Whilst it’s easy to simply throw money at a property, you’ll be surprised to see that the most expensive places aren’t always the most amazing or inspiring. From architects and visionaries at the top of their game, here are 10 of the most awesome houses around the world you just need to know about.10 The HeliodomeImage 1The Heliodome is a bioclimatic solar house which is located in Cazuela in the Alsatian countryside of Eastern France. The house is architectured as a giant three dimensional sun dial set on a fixed angle in relation to the sun’s movement to provide shade during the summer months keeping the inside temperature cool. During fall, winter and spring, sunlight enters the large windows as the sun’s position is lower in the sky thus warming the living space.9 House on a RockImage 2This unusual house is perched on top of a rock resting squarely in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia. The house was originally built in 1968 by a group of youngsters who sought for a convenient area to lounge in whilst visiting the river. Surprisingly, the it has remained a constant attraction to locals as well as the tourists. The house has been pounded by mother nature several times since the time it was built but has survived throughout which is the possible testament to the quality of the materials used to construct it.  8 Black Eiffel Stonehouse Image 3Majority of us would think that living under a rock should be something to avoid but for one Portugese family, it’s a dream come true! A house which looks like a big boulder is nestled in the mountains of Fafe in Portugal. It will surprise you when you see that it actually has a door, a window and a chimney. The house has become a huge tourist attraction throughout the years and why not!7 The Hobbit House Image 4Built with the maximum regard for the environment and with a cost of only $5000, this hobbit house from Wales actually resembles Bilbo Baggin’s house from Lord of the Rings. It took only four months to built and is one of the coziest homes ever built. The house’s construction is very well documented online. 6 The Roundabout HouseImage 5The Roundabout house is probably just the evolved version of the former Hobbit house. Instead, it’s more like a Robo Hobbit house. The fascinating house is located in the Czech Republic and has been constructed by a 73 year old builder since 1981. The place is called a Roundabout house because it can rise and fall like a periscope which is actually mindblowing. The house was built this way because the builder got simply bored from constructing normal homes. Being underground, the house mainly remains at a stable temperature all year round. 5 SkysphereImage 6The Skysphere tiny house is a futuristic tower made up of steel and glass. The house overlooks the breathtaking hill of New Zealand and was created by John O William; A mild mannered graphic designer by day and unabashed dreamer by night! What started as an ambitious design concept became real after he ordered four tons of steel from China. $75,000 dollars and 3000 hours later, the Skysphere was complete instantly becoming one of the most imaginative and unusual tiny houses ever built. 4 The Mirror CubeImage 7The idea of a treehouse is cool in its own sense but this Mirror Cube in the tree, which is a unique form of a hotel accomodation in Sweden takes the idea to a whole new level. It maintains a cool and clean Scandinavian design. The mirror cube is a 4 metre wide square hideout among the trees camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect the surroundings making it look almost invisible from the outside. I wonder how many poor birds crash into it in a single day!3 Walstrom HouseImage 8The Walstrom house has got to be one of the most spectacular wooden stalled houses in the world. Architect known as John Lautner designed this incredible home in the late 60s in the Santa Monica area and it still remains to be a timeless piece of architecture today. The simplicity of its open plan interior is just as awesome as its exterior. Almost like a bird’s nest, it has a balcony which is perched in the upper corner of the living room making it feel as though you’re wandering through the woods!2 Flintstones HouseImage 9The idea of the Flintstones House didn’t come from the cartoons, but from the architect Philip John Brown who suggested to create a house that looked like a rock formation. Since the land is situated near the Santa Monica Mountains, it served as an ideal location for the structure to be built. Unlike most multi-millionaire pads, the interior of this place has irregularly shaped rugged lines to mimic the structure of rocks. Aside from its impressive design, the home also provides a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles.  1 Waterfall HomeImage 10What do you do when there’s not enough space to build a full house on a piece of land, the solution is simple, build it on a waterfall! This house in Pennsylvania was designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright who is one of the most famous architects ever. This house is so amazing that it was on the cover of Times Magazine in 1938 and is appropriately called Falling Water. The construction was completed after three years in 1939 and instantly became famous standing as a national historic landmark today. In addition to its subtle exterior, which matches its surroundings, the interior is spacious and also decorated to match the aesthetics of nature.