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Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The delegate of Indonesia recommends UNHRC to discuss about the agenda of ‘Measures to resolve slavery and labor abuse in the fishing sector in Southeast Asia.’ As fishing is one of the world’s oldest industries, fisheries crime is serious problem in the world. Fisheries crime is an illegal activities in the fisheries sector. It includes all the illegal activities about fishing such as document fraud, illegal fishing, and fisheries slave. Among them, the most serious problem is the fisherman slavery. It is necessary for us to discuss about this problem. Lots of people in slavery remains at sea for several years without pay, drugged to work longer, and killed for becoming ill, or disobeying orders. According to AP reporters news, the captain of slaves threw the dead slaves to feed the shark. Also, United Nations found that young child were even taken into slavery to work in dangerous conditions. Children works in uneducated, and unhealthy environment. And they are treated the same as slave fishermen even though they are much younger than normal fishermen. As you see, lots of slave fishermen work in a tough environment, and their rights are not protected. Therefore, many organizations tried to solve the problem, but they were not able to solve it. Many fishing boats in the world have very slavish conditions. But so far, no clear action has been taken to solve these problems. Therefore, the United Nation needs to pay keen attention to the problems of fisherman slavery and try to solve them. Indonesia is a country where fishermen exploitation is prevalent. The village of Benjina in the eastern part of Indonesia has a large number of slave fishermen, who say they are hell of the slave fishermen. Hundreds of Myanmarese are kidnapped here and are exploited as slaves. This was followed by the AP journalists for a year. Thanks to the AP correspondents, our Indonesian government was able to see the sad reality of slave fishermen. The report of the AP correspondent reveals that slave fishermen’s human rights are violated in bad environment. According to their report, slave fishermen had to drink polluted water while they are on the ship, and hit with poisonous thorns. Furthermore, if them complained or tried to rest, they was kicked out. As reports surfaced, our Indonesian government held criminal trials to punish businesses related with slave fishermen. And more than 2,000 slaves were freed. Also, we have announced a new government ordinance that requires all fisheries companies to submit detailed human rights reports. As such, we recognize this as a serious problem, and we have a great interest in solving the problem of slave fishermen. Now, in the 21st century, everyone in the world must be assured of their human rights and not be invaded. However, there are many cases of human rights violations in many parts of the world, so, the United Nations needs to think about these people and try to prepare responses and solve the problem so that these people can be protected. Thank you.