Hopewell new electronic devices to help insure, regulate, improve,

Hopewell should revise its honor code/ honor system and is in the process of doing that now. ” Recent research has shown that a spycam can greatly improve the honor code.( Source A )” Hopewell school systems have been testing out new electronic devices to help insure, regulate, improve, and to help maintain Hopewell’s “honor code”. This is a minor and common measure to help keep the honor code at a high standard. The cameras simply watch students in the hall making sure that they are moving to class properly and behaving properly according to the “honor code”. The cameras themselves do not have the power to get students to class or to make sure they are behaving. There is something about being watched that makes a person, or in this case a student move faster. Students know that they are being monitored by the principle everyday, all day while they are moving along throughout their day, so this should encourage them to get to class instead of being out in the halls doing inappropriate things. In the classrooms students are taught that Plagiarism is a huge violation of the student ” code of honor “. Students learn what it us, why they should not do it, and how not to do it. “A number of colleges have found effective ways to reduce cheating and plagiarism. The key to their success seems to be encouraging student involvement in developing community standards an academic dishonesty and ensuring their subsequent acceptance by the larger student community. Many of these colleges employ academic honor codes to accomplish these objectives. ( Source F )”Some colleges have the idea that a strictly enforced honor code would be better held. ” Our honor code is strictly enforced, and the enforcement is handled by an all-student court. Students convicted of lying or cheating can expect to receive punishments ranging from suspension to expulsion.( Source C )”Schools should modify their codes every now and then to make sure they can maintain a high quality of learning.