How 99.995 and above; CAT is a game of

How to calculate CAT percentile?

Common Admission Test or CAT 2018 is
one of the most entrance exam in our country. Previous year near about 2.31
lakh candidates registered to appear for the exam on November 26, 2017.

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A higher percentile of CAT’s score
helps an aspirant to choose a college of higher rank. But the procedure of
calculating CAT score and percentile remains a question is most of their minds.

CAT 2018 will comprise
of three sections –

 VARC- Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

DILR- Data Interpretation &
Logical Reasoning

QA- Quantitative Ability

 The question paper like the previous year will
carry 100 MCQ and Broad questions and the marks allotted for the test is 300.

To calculate the scores of the examinee
the following scoring process is followed : –

1.    The actual score is
calculated. A candidat3e gets 3 for each correct answer and -1 for the
incorrect one. No marks are deducted for Non Multiple Choice Questions or
unattempted questions.

2.    Then, the score is
adjusted for variances according to the difficulty level I the slot 1 and 2, by
an equating process.

3.     Finally the processed scores are placed on a scale
and the percentile rank is adopted.


A percentile shows the rank of a examinee
in the examination, relative to the rest of the candidates who gave the same
examination that year. For example, if there are 10 candidates and you ranked
1st, then there are 9 students after you, or 90% of the examinees are after
you meaning that you have a 90%tile score. Similarly if 2, 00,000 candidates
appeared for CAT in a certain year and your rank was 1,500 then your percentile
score is, (198500/200000) x100 = 99.25 %tile.
The percentile is calculated till three decimal places in CAT, and rounded off.
Thus candidates scoring 100 %tile may have actually scored 99.995 and above;


CAT is a game of accuracy. To score a
higher percentile candidates must have a great speed, with time managing skills.
It depends highly on the examinee’s ability to attempt and answer maximum
number of questions correctly.