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How was Jackie Robinson a upstander in his life?The way that he was a upstander during his life was he was the first African american to play major league baseball and the one who broke the color barrier which opened up the door for many other African americans to play major league baseball.Jackie was born in  1919 and passed away in 1972. During his baseball career he played for the  Brooklyn Dodgers, Montreal Royals and a farm team for  the Brooklyn Dodgers. He had a batting average of .311 and was at bat 4877 times and hit 137 home runs.   But even before his baseball career started he stood up for equal rights but he made a real impact when he took to the baseball field and became the first african american athlete  to play major league baseball and officially broke the color barrier. Before he broke the color barrier he or joined the dodgers he played for a negro league then he was chosen by Branch RIckey, the president of the dodgers to help to integrate baseball. He then joined the montrials and a farm team for the doggers. Rickey new that there would be hard times ahead for jackie so he made jackie promise not to retaliate when he was faced with racism. After enduring all the comments over the first year of major league baseball he was named the rookie of the year and two years later he was named the NL MVP. When jackie was young he went to school at John Muir High School, there he competed in many sports like football, basketball, track and baseball. In 1938 jackie was named the region’s most valuable player.jackie’s older brother inspired him to pursue his talent and love for sports. Jackie’s older brother one a medal for the 200 meter dash right behind jesse owens at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Jackie furthered his education at the university of california which is where he was the first one ever in school earn varsity letters in four sports. In 1941 just before he should have graduated he was forced to leave due to financial problems. Then he moved to honolulu and then began playing semi pro football for the honolulu bears. His season play football for the bears was cut short due to the beginning of world war two.  But after he discharged from the army in 1944 he started to play baseball professionally. At the time when he started to play professional baseball , baseball was still a sport that was still segregated. So then he began to play in a negro league , but he was soon chosen by “branch the president for the brooklyn dodgers” to play professional baseball he joined the montreal royals and a farm team for the brooklyn dodgers. When branch chose jackie to play professional baseball he knew that he should have to endure racism  and racial slurs so he made jackie promise that he would not retaliate.  Jackie played his first game with the dodgers at Ebbets field making history by being the first african american american to play major league baseball in the twentieth century. Or many seasons after his first year with the dodgers he lead the dodgers to receiving the National League pennant multiple times. The season of 1955 jackie he helped the team to finally win the world series, after the team had failed couple times before.After they finally won the world series jackie lead them to one last pennant award.     In 1956 Jackie was moved to the new york giants,but he never played one single game for the giants because he retired from baseball in 1957. After jackie’s career in baseball he became active in business and he continued his work as an activist for social changes. After baseball he worked for Chock full O nuts,a coffee company and restaurant chain as one of the  executives.he also helped establish the african american controlled freedom bank. In 1962 jackie became the first african american to have his name put in the baseball hall of fame then many years latter in 1972 the dodgers retired his number, number 42.