HOW providing and giving back to America as well

HOW IS SHE A GOOD MODEL FOR STUDENTS  IN SCHOOL?Dear Mr. Lewis, Today I write this letter because I would like you to invite Oprah Winfrey to come to our school  She is quite famous as a female entrepreneur and a talk show host in America. She is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Thinking of her, everybody will relate to the qualifications she posses: generosity, kindness, and inspiration. She is always considered as an idol in their eyes of  As a role of all people of any race, gender, or group and she affects to the lives of millions of viewers who admire her. Thanks to the strength, beauty, and intelligence, Oprah has passed many obstacles that have fallen in her way. She is so friendly to everybody and actually recognized as a real entertainer.Oprah Winfrey has lived through a rough childhood with misery and sadness. In addition, she was sexually abused by relatives and friends of her mother. In 1971, Oprah entered Tennessee State University. At that time, her father was the person who took care of her. She got a great education, so she got a lot of good results in studying as well as receiving many awards as recognition.Besides that, she is also one of the persons who have the most influential in the world with providing and giving back to America as well as other parts of the world. She succeeded in the role of the host the TV chat show ” People are talking”, she also founded the organization of the woman’s right. She made her efforts to get what she is today.  Her compassion in every circumstance and people made them think her with nobility, shares…..For them, she is their idol, their thoughts, and their inspiration. So as said by Oprah “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” Everybody thinks she must be an enthusiastic, energetic and sacred person they have ever seen before. Although she got the good position in the society, she is willing to do the best for the people who had the misery and difficulties in life. She is ready to take the chances even the risks to find the way to get the success.She never fears to face up the obstacles and scandals, in contrast, she got those lightly, peaceful and willing to tell the truths. “The reason why I communicate with all these people,” she told 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace, “is because I think I’m just an ordinary woman, having every malady and having been on every diet, and I’ve had- oh, men who have done me wrong, honey. So I always solve every issue actively and deeply, so I’m not afraid or feel shy to say and decide anything.Oprah has a great effect in changing the role of the women in society nowadays. She spent her complete hard life in childhood but her warm heart and devotion touched to thousands of hearts. Her life is really a typical sample for anyone to get one’s  determination. She overcomes every difficulty to get what she desires even in toughest. And all of it, her success affected to a lot of young generation nowadays.