HRM corporate sponsor of Save the Children, a national

HRM PROJECTBy Mohamad KamaniTo Miss Tereza YammineHuman Resource Management MGT 303 OutlineHistory of the CorporationMission and VisionRecruitmentSelectionCompensationTrainingCareer development and career pathsFeedback and Performance AppraisalStaffing and organizational designManagement and supervisionDiversityEmployment Security and DownsizingInformation SharingTeams as a Principle of Organizational Design and the Design of  Jobs What is Denny’s?Denny’s is an American chain restaurant that is franchised in over 18 countries around the world. They regularly serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at an affordable price. In addition, they offer a variety of food catered to senior citizens and to the health conscious.HistoryDenny’s was founded by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak, who opened Danny’s Donuts in Lakewood, California in 1953. In 1956, a year after Jezak’s departure from the then-6-store chain, Butler changed the concept, shifting it from a donut shop to a coffee shop with store #8. Danny’s Donuts was renamed Danny’s Coffee Shops and changed its operation to 24 hours. In 1959, to avoid confusion with Los Angeles restaurant chain Coffee Dan’s, Butler changed the name from Danny’s Coffee Shops to Denny’s Coffee Shops. In 1961, Denny’s Coffee Shops was renamed Denny’s. The business continued to expand, and by 1981, there were over 1,000 restaurants in all 50 U.S. states. The company absorbed many of the old Sambo’s restaurants and used their mid-century design in some of their restaurants. In 1977, Denny’s introduced the still-popular Grand Slam breakfast. In 1994, Denny’s became the largest corporate sponsor of Save the Children, a national charity. All but six Denny’s closed for the first time ever on Christmas 1988; many of the restaurants were built without locks, and some had reportedly lost their keys.Mission and VisionMission: “Our mission at Denny’s is to establish beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our commitment to exceptional quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.” “Our new vision is simple in concept, yet a great challenge for restaurants such as ours that never close. The vision recognizes each customer has certain reasonable expectations that must always be met. These include: quality food that tastes good; friendly, attentive servers who make customers feel welcome;clean, well-maintained surroundings; and prices that represent a good value. We believe these expectations must be met every time a customer enters one of our restaurants. Denny’s new vision is summed up in the statement: Great Food, Great Service, Great People … Every Time!” RecruitmentWhen it comes to recruitment, there is a complicated process of several steps that the HR department takes. Some restaurants have their own HR department, others have a district HR department. For the specific restaurant I have the information from, they are dealing with a local HR department. Different vacancies are frequently available at Denny’s; this could be the result of a new position such as when they added the “hostess” title or when a current employee plans to leave or is fired. When is it the case of a new  position, the HR department will conduct a job analysis and identify the requirements. In the case of an existing position, the pre-required research is already done. If there are any changes to be made to the job analysis, the HR analyst will take care of this. Once the job analysis is conducted, a written description will be procured, it will list the following information: General InformationPosition PurposeEssential FunctionsMinimum RequirementsPreferred Qualifications General information includes basic position and pay information. General information entails details such as Job Title, The title should be recognizable as  job seekers search for commonly referred to job titles when looking for a job, Department Name such as the customer service department, Department Head such as who is the head of the certain department.Position Purpose includes position’s functions, This written statement  summarizes the position’s functions and its role in relation to other positions. The Public Position Purpose is the one that is viewable to the general public, such physical and online copies. Include the pre-written description of the role and its relation to the organization. Includes the estimated time of employment for temporary positions. State the number of job openings when there is more than one candidate required for the position. The HR department also makes sure it is written shortly and precisely, especially for the online version using keywords.The Essential Functions are listed in the general information, but are explained more in depth here for the written job description. This part of the job description outlines the duties and responsibilities of a position. A job function is considered essential when the performance of the function is the purpose for the position. Typically, an essential function will be the main purpose of the employee and may require special skills (such as a waiter learning how to take orders and be attentive). When the HR department can clearly and precisely outline all of the functions, job seekers will immediately understand what purpose they will be serving in the corporation.Minimum requirements are the 4th part of the essential job description document. The minimum requirements or in other words the basic qualifications are the criteria that an applicant will have to meet in order to be considered or hired. The minimum requirements section must be related to the duties of the job, for instance cooking will not be a requirement of a waiter. The minimum requirements can be split into several sections. For example, the basic requirement of a waiter will be communication. There could be job specific requirements such as for the delivery people who must have a valid driver’s license. Preferred Qualifications are criteria used to narrow down the applicant list. These preferred qualifications will be able to describe more accurately such as prior experience with dining service, or in a related field of work. 3. Develop a recruitment plan  which is a structured recruitment plan consists of the general strategies for attracting and hiring the best qualified candidates and would help to ensure an applicant list which includes minorities people with disabilities.The HR department must develop a recruit plan with a proper:Posting ScheduleThe Placement GoalsAdvertising ResourcesPosting schedule is how long the HR department predicts it will take to fill the position, less skill intensive positions are predicted to require a week, while more intensive positions have up to 2 weeks to be filled. Often times when special skills are required, the HR department will state “open until filled” as there is no accurate time to predict. Placement Goals are the number of applicants that the HR department expects to obtain in the time period of the schedule. Such as 30 applicants per 3 days and such. The department tries to make sure that job applications are available on various of different websites other than the company’s to make sure that a large number of people is able to view it.Advertising Resources are internal and external recruiting sources that are utilized to attract candidates that reflect the diversity Denny’s values in their workforce. A very thorough search is conducted before filling the position. Places like the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs will assist in hiring of veterans, Goodwill may help homeless people out with finding jobs. Denny’s also uses Print Advertisement such as newspapers and flyers. Social Media is especially useful for the firm, Facebook and LinkedIn are great places for firms to advertise their job openings. Job fairs are areas where Denny’s may take a stand and advertise the diversity and positions that may need filling as these fairs are generally attended by people looking for work. 4. Search CommitteeDenny’s local HR districts often establish a proper search committee that is essential for the recruitment process. This committee is often established when a new restaurant is opening soon or when a lot of positions need filling. There are many reasons behind why this committee is done. The main reason is that it ensures that applicants are evaluated by more than one person to reduce the risk of personal bias. In addition to that, this committee helps during the whole selection process.How is this committee established? The HR department sends a hiring manager to appoint members to the search committee, preferably representing the diversity of the corporation. Women and other minorities are to have equal opportunity as attaining the position. The search committee usually consists of around 3-6 people. The main attributes of the search committee are that there should be one person who completely understands the job and its role, a specialist whether technical or functional, and a person who interacts very closely to the position. A waiter job for instance, would require a waiter, a trainer, and a chef. The search committee members must also have no personal relations to the applicants and not have any interest themselves in the same position. They must also be trained in the process of the search, they must ensure fairness and compliance. It is also required that the search committee have the criteria for the the people applying. Selection Process; Processing Applications After the job seekers apply through an electronic application, the search committee members review all applicants to ensure that more than one person assesses their qualifications. At least two committee members review all applicants for certain recruitments in order to narrow down the best candidates. Each committee member may provide comments on each applicant’s qualifications.After the comments, Human Resources or at least two committee members do a phone screen interview with the applicants to know details about availability, Salary requirements, special position requirements and other preliminary information. These interviews are properly documented and afterwards the chair will review all the comments and develop a short list that meets the company’s diversity standards. If the shortlist is not sufficiently diverse in light of the department’s placement goals, the HR department  will contact the Search Committee to discuss how and why the pool might be able to be diversified. The first option is to review the current applicant pool to evaluate any additional qualified applicants. 2. Interviews After the development of the shortlist, the candidates on it are contacted for interviews. These interviews are the most important step because it allows the employer and prospective employee to learn more about each other. The employer conducts a thorough interview process, in which they are able to properly evaluate skills and abilities.Before the interviews, Human resources and the committee prepares for it by determining the format of the interview, the questions and their order, to be asked of all, who is going to ask which questions, any details applicants may need about the role that were not noted in the position description. During the interviews, the department makes sure that they are done in a suitable place where they will be able to know the employee more. Some interviews require skills demonstrations, such as requiring applicants to demonstrate how to perform a task specific to the position they are applying to. In these cases, these interviews are often done in the restaurant instead of the offices. After the interviews, Human resources meet to discuss the interviewees. Committee members will need to assess the extent to which each one met their selection criteria. The search committee evaluation tool will be helpful in justifying decisions and making them as objective as possible. Upon completion of the recruitment process the offer to the selected finalist is made. Human resources contact the chosen applicants and finalize the offer. They make sure to mention the salary (if not discussed in the interviews), start date, and other details depending on the position. Diversity Due the widespread of Denny’s all across the world, each restaurant is often managed by a different person. Some of these managers throughout the years have discriminated against people of color and people of the LGBT communities. These types of discrimination have caused Denny’s to settle down for huge amounts of money due to the lawsuits it was faced with. Denny’s have learned from these controversies that it was faced with. It is one of the main reasons why they try their best to find ways to hire a more diverse staff. During the whole recruitment and selection process, Human resources have to always look at how diversified their applicants are. They also take into consideration how diversified the search committee is. During the recruitment process, Diversity Agencies are contacted in order to gather women and underrepresented groups that are looking for a job. Furthermore, during the selection process, the search committee has to make sure that the pool of selection is open for everyone. These two steps are very important for Denny’s because it’s trying to make sure that it hires a diverse staff equipped to serve a diverse community. Compensation:Employees don’t just work for the love of their job. Employees also want a good salary and incentives that will reward them for their hard work.This is where the HR team at Denny’s get involved.Without the HR team nobody would get the feeling of “just got paid” at the end of the month and Christmas bonuses would not be present. For many people, compensation and benefits professionals are the most important guys in the HR department.The HR team is responsible for creating policies for an organisation’s salary, bonus and incentive schemes. Such as:SalariesBonusesRetirementLife insuranceMedical insuranceSalaries: Base pay; such as hourly rate. The salaries at Denny’s vary depending on the position. The average salary of the general managers is $54,688 per year while the restaurant manager gets paid $39,248 per year. Waiters usually get paid by the hour with an average amount of 7-8$ per hour. Meanwhile cooks get with an average of 11$ per hour.Bonuses: Any extra pay they receive such as for reaching a certain sale goal.Retirement: The retirement plan for anyone who works while reaching the age of retirement.Life insurance and Medical insurance: Any medical plan that pays for medical work such as surgeries or dental work. Some Denny’s offer life insurance to higher managerial positionsNon-Financial CompensationsDenny’s also offers employees forms of non financial compensations as rewards that go beyond basic money value. FlextimeFlextime allows employees to work hours outside of the standard 9 to 5 time frame. This can be a huge benefit to parents or anyone who has responsibilities during these hours. It also is perfect for those employees who work better in the early mornings or late evenings.  TelecommutingFor positions that may not always require the employee be present, Denny’s offers telecommuting as an options for these positions such as people who work in graphic design or marketing. This can be very beneficial as the employee won’t have to deal with the stress of commuting.TrainingWhen it comes to employee training, Denny’s makes it a top priority. In basic words, your employees are only as ready for the job as you train them to be. There are several methods that Denny’s uses when it comes to their training program.1. OrientationsOrientation helps employees familiarize themselves with the restaurants best practices, goals, history, philosophy and the facility. Even experienced employees need to be re-oriented to the specific culture of the Denny’s they are working at as processes might differ even from one Denny’s to another.2. Guidance and Observation It is important to know that training your staff is not only the providing of instructions and orientation. Denny’s managers are advised from the HR department to ensure that the experienced staff especially department heads continue guiding and observing the habits and actions of both the experienced and new employees. Guidance and observation helps to ensure that the new employees are practicing what they have been taught. Some Denny’s may lack the number of employees that will provide each new employee is paired with an experienced staff member. The solution in this case is to pair multiple new employees with a single experienced manager or employee.3. External TrainingWhile training manuals and shadowing of new staff is common practice; Denny’s believe in the bigger picture. The world and the restaurant industry is constantly changing and as such it is important for an international corporation such as Denny’s to always stay on top of this matter.The only way to do so is through external training. Denny’s hires or partners with an external training company whose purpose is to train employees. The trainers can do so onsite or via online classes. This method is relatively expensive but in the long run, it’s a great investment. This method is used both for training new employees and refreshing current employees.4.