to use the phone hands-free even when on used: Joyroom, buy Joyroom, Joyroom Singapore, iPhone mobile covers, Folding Wireless StereoJoyroom: One-stop shop for high quality products Established in 2010, Joyroom Singapore, with a view of catering to the different demands of consumers, has been offering products of everyday use, following a people-oriented philosophy. It continues to live up to its consumers’ expectations by coming up with products which are latest in terms of technology, and offer excellent functionality to the users. There is a huge variety of products offered by the company under different categories, like power banks and chargers, earphones, headsets, cables, cases and protection etc. There is a wide range of accessories that can be used by people in their cars and elsewhere, to take the full advantage of their gadgets at all times. These products are easy to use as well as provide utility for daily purposes, like the phone holders for use in cars allow you to use the phone hands-free even when on the go.The company has its designers and engineers work in coherence, so that they come up with innovative products for use in the modern times. The demands of the consumers are on an all-time rise and the products are manufactured to offer the highest quality, performance and efficiency to the buyers. Mobile phones have become essential for every person, worldwide. There is a huge variety of brands on offer, while most of them prove to be quite expensive, and hence, an investment one would not like to lose early. Realising this, the protection cases and covers for mobiles, designed by the company, offer protection, stylish look as well as utility.  They look fabulous and do not give any extra bulk to your phone. There are iPhone mobile covers which are compatible with different models of iPhones, so that you won’t have to worry about proper fit. Bright and vibrant colour options, along with rings on the back have been provided for easier grip even when on the call, to avoid accidental slipping, making these products pretty user-friendly and durable.Buy Joyroom from Lazada online store These products have been exceptional in terms of quality and designing. The audio products offer dynamic sound quality and are compact enough to be so portable to easily fit into pockets too. The Folding Wireless Stereo headphones have taken the market by a storm, as they offer easy to carry foldable design, along with high quality stereo sound, which allows one to enjoy music on the go. The brilliant sound quality, accompanied by high efficiency and lower power consumption even when connected through Bluetooth, make them an absolute dream for the music lovers. The ear-cuffs are soft and comfortable with an extendable bracket to fit your head perfectly. There are a variety of Bluetooth earbuds and more available here, so go ahead and scroll through the huge collection on Lazada. It also provides nationwide free shipping and free returns on all products, for up to 14 days from the date of purchase. Why choose Joyroom?• Innovative and highly functional• Pocket-friendly products with extreme utility• Designed to deliver with no exceptions