Human one event that occurs when we are infants

Human behaviour is one aspect of life we can’t escape from, it’s all around us every day, everywhere, in everyone, being influenced by culture, emotions, authority, genetics and a plethora of other external factors. This relevance to daily life is where my fascination for psychology originates from. The idea that many alternative explanations can be combined and integrated to explain a certain aspect of behaviour intrigues me. Psychology isn’t as simple as providing one explanation, and it’s this complex nature which captivates me. The most interesting aspect of psychology I have studied to date is the psychodynamic approach to psychology. Its emphasis on the importance of early childhood experience is truly mesmerising, how one event that occurs when we are infants is suggested to influence our entire life. Freud’s psychodynamic theory is arguably one of the most controversial parts of psychology, such as his studies on his own children leading him to believe that all human behaviour is influenced by sexual desire. But no matter how controversial, these studies have shaped clinical treatments to mental disorders, such as therapies treating anxiety through psychoanalysis. Having said this, I am an open minded individual able to accept and relate to alternative approaches, and I personally enjoy seeing how these different approaches can be combined to help us understand and be more knowledgeable regarding human behaviour. My drive to study psychology is demonstrated by my EPQ project which is based on the psychology behind advertising, involving what makes an advertisement psychologically effective. This topic has enabled me to study psychology in an alternative way than I am used to, due to the involvement of design, particularly graphic design, in my work. It is also permitting me to study a field of psychology which I am interested in, and is allowing me to further my psychological knowledge into media psychology, and how models such as the Elaboration Likelihood Model can increase the rate of persuasion. In addition to this, this project has taught me key research, organisation, and time keeping skills, each which are important aspects which I can contribute to my studies after A-levels, and into studying at degree level.  Outside of my academic studies, I was involved with my local police cadets, advancing my way to Mayoral Cadet for my town, developing many skills, such as public speaking, communication and teamwork. In addition to this, Cornish Gig Rowing, a local tradition, has always been my passion. Having joined this sport in 2011, my commitment can be portrayed due to being in my life for 6 (and hopefully many more) years. I am thankful for this sport having taught me resilience during long and hard races and training sessions. I now apply these skills to my learning, such as refusing to stop and give up when revising for an exam, a skill I often find useful in my studies. What stands out to me regarding your course is the module developmental psychology. This stands out to me as it tracks a whole individual’s life, commenting on behavioural changes. The real-world application of this can potentially be extremely important due to explaining and optimizing development. I am highly enthused at the idea of progressing within my academic life to the next step of University. This is due to my drive to study psychology, alongside the increased independency and responsibility provided of a University student. This course can help me reach this next exciting and exhilarating stage in my life.