I a little insight as to what a lawyer

I first became interested in law when I attended a career fair a few years ago during which professionals came to present their jobs. Law really stood out for me as a career in law has an impact on people’s lives. 

After having seen and read about injustices worldwide, I have come to appreciate the freedoms that we take for granted in France or other countries. I have witnessed first hand the injustices suffered by women in Turkey regarding the way they dress, or the lack of choice that Chinese couples are faced with as regards the government’s one-child policy. 

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The Law is what ties societies together, allowing us to live in harmony and without the proper application of law, the world would be a chaotic place. In my opinion, the law is what ensures the stability of our everyday life. Therefore, studying law would help me gain a deeper and better understanding of how our society works. 

One subject I particularly enjoy in school is philosophy and the study of issues such as whether the state is the enemy of our freedom or the subconscious state or dreams. I enjoyed debating about these questions as I had to apply logical thinking which is something that you have to do whilst studying law. Another class that I enjoyed is Applied Foreign Language, in which one task particularly stood out for me: we had to act as if we were lawyers in the Shepard Fairy case, this task gave me a little insight as to what a lawyer would do and how he would do it. This task had me really enthusiastic, in addition to that, it made me think outside the box which is what lawyers are known for. I also participated in a school project which was a reenactment of the COP 21 in which I was the representative of the lesser economically developed countries in the south. This exercice involved both written and oral tasks. 

I have been an active member of my school and always try to improve myself as a person. I have been elected two years in a row as class representative and  I am also a member of the hygiene and security council in my school. I have also been an enthusiastic actor as I have been in my school’s drama and theatre club for about ten years. This course has helped me develop greater abilities in memorizing things in addition to speaking distinctively and not be afraid to talk in front of an audience. This past year I have also been helping my friends from the German School of Beijing to improve their French skills which is something I do during my free time.
I have been living in China for more than a decade. As a half French half Turkish student, I have had insight into different cultures and different lifestyles and I master French, English, Turkish and Chinese. My linguistic abilities have allowed me to have a deeper understanding of these different cultures. 

Throughout the school year, I manage to be a hard-working student and have good grades while still having a vivid social life, and throughout the summer, I make sure that I always have an activity to do whether it be helping my little cousins in Turkey learn English or playing volleyball with my friends.