I and I hope to continue exploring the world

I am currently taking a Spanish class at Edmonds Woodway High School. I have decided to pursue this language because of its similarity to my language – Romanian – and the many benefits that it provides for my future. In terms of jobs, any additional language that I am able to speak would open up a wider variety of job opportunities for me. Translators are still used all over the world for jobs ranging from aiding an immigrant who only speaks his maiden language to assisting in an international high-profile dealing, and are one of the main job opportunities for multilingual individuals. I enjoy traveling and I hope to continue exploring the world for many more years to come! When traveling to a foreign country, I observe that many tourists have a hard time finding their desired location because of the language barrier that is present. Therefore, I strive to learn any new language so that I can increase the speed and effectiveness of the conversation with the people of the corresponding country. I have also noticed that when travelling to another country, the civilians there will treat you better if you differentiate from the others – by talking to them in their language. This makes sense because everyone is more comfortable with those that are closer to them, and by speaking their language, you can make them feel like you are one of their own. After reading multiple reliable articles concerning the connection between language learning and mental health, I have started noticing these connections whilst observing and analyzing my fellow classmates. This has brought me to believe that being multilingual can indeed improve your focus and organization, and has now become another one of my reasons to learn another language. Although there are many reasons to study a new language that tie to my future, I also have a personal ambition to pursue this. Many members of my family have spent time learning a multitude of foreign languages, and seeing that it has helped them through life gives me even more motivation to learn them myself. I believe that learning a new language will definitely help me in the future and will allow me to learn even more languages in an easier fashion.