I assistant trainee manager in which the skills that

I was born and grew up in a business-oriented family, my
daddy is a business manager while my mum operates her own personal retail
business and a distributor to some companies back home in my country, I have
been very familiar with how business is operated and managed through my parent.
I studied business administration in my National Diploma level (ND) in which I
covered a varied range of zones within business supervision
including the business organisational environment, providing
administrative services and sustenance, business technology, dispensation and communicating information
and it combines various types of management positions. From
key establishments to autonomous businesses, every operation needs skilled
administrators to succeed. Motivated, organized personalities will thrive
in business, where environments are often high-powered. After my National
Diploma course, I engaged in one year Industrial Attachment with Mouka Foam
limited a manufacturer of Mouka brand foam mattresses, pillows and fire
retardant foam products as an assistant trainee manager in which the skills
that have to acquire from National Diploma in Business administration
course come into practice such as my leadership skills, in my role I have numerous
individuals to manage in addition to oversee overall complaints,
 last-minute idea changes, During this time, I always represent my company
and myself well by stand-in as a company value to the individuals reporting to
me. Also, my organizational skills by staying focused through demanding phases
and envoys tasks to workers to preserve the business successively. All this
gives me a good insight into how management is very crucial in
successful business and since then it has been my plan to
study business management or business and management
as a degree course in nearest future. In my extra time, I adore
meeting people and partaking in sports activities. During my national diploma
course, I was honoured to be chosen as my school football Captain as this
provided me with the prospect to advance my leadership skills by coordinating
and organizing my team which was highly rewarding to me. I also like to do
exercise by going to the gym twice a week and play tennis. Aside all these
activities continuing my education has remained my foremost target.
Additionally, I have really adored studying my national diploma in business administration and
my work experiences as a trainee assistant manager where I put into
practice all my relevant skills. I am a very industrious, reliable, focused
person and very enthusiastic about my educations. I am now beholding for a
prospect to supplement my continuous personal progression and future
development by applying with a trustworthy university on a business
management/business and management degree course in other
to learn more about on how to develop my broad knowledge and understanding
of business organisations and provides me with subject-specific
knowledge in areas such as customers, markets, operations, communication,
information technology and business policy and strategy. I am looking
forward to the contest of university life and very self-confident it will
qualify me to accomplish my drives and lead me to an outstanding career. I am
very enthusiastic about the facilities and prospects the United Kingdom education
can offer me because their education system is one of the best in the world and
I want to be a great asset to the chosen university by making a treasured
influence on University life.