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 I did like the novel, “Trouble twisters”. I am not much into reading but the events in this book were very well written. I thought that everything was timed very well, because looking back on it I never felt bored but I also never felt like one thing was dragging on too long. There seemed to be a lot of events taking place but it did not have an overall overwhelming feeling to it. I also liked that the length of the book was long enough to qualify but it wasn’t intimidating. The last thing that really made this book a good read was how the chapters were set up. There is less than 300 pages but there are 23 chapters. It made it very easy to stop if needed and I never felt overcome by it.     The only things I did not like about this look is almost how much information it gave you right away. For example, this book does keep you on the edge of your seat, so to speak, but not for too long. In chapter 11, it leaves off with grandma X saying she can now feel the evil, and then tells you what she meant 2 pages into chapter 12. If they were trying to make a cliffhanger then they needed to commit. The authors just give things away too soon sometimes.     In this novel I learned that there is a lot of challenges that you will face but you can take those and run with them to make the best of it, Just like Jack and Jaide. For example, they were sent away to live with someone they did not know then next thing they knew, they had to fight for their life and others. They fought against evil itself. I think that you can take that idea and apply it to anything that you need too in life.     I, personally, will not be fighting evil itself but that doesn’t mean that challenges can arise for me and this book says that no matter what that challenge is, you can overcome it and be a better person because of it. In the book, Jaide and Jack are constantly helping each other figure out their powers and fight the good fight. This, to me, means that you can learn to help yourself if you keep your friends and family close. I think a lot of people could get something from this novel. I do not think that there is just one certain type of person that would find this a good read. Why?  Because there is a lot of different elements in it. The book shows different themes throughout, some of which include magic, problem solving and different elements of fantasy. Part of the reason for different themes is due to Sean Williams, one of the two authors, his writing style is more diverse and he is gifted with being able to add many elements into any story to make it a better read for young adults. ?If nothing else, if you see no hidden meanings, or you don’t think it would be a good book, I would say, give it a try. Within the first chapter they have you hooked and you start asking yourself, “What is going to happen next?”