I if we do something right or wrong. Humans

I believe
that computers can be intelligent but in a unique way, differing from human
intelligence. Intelligence is a very broad term and it is difficult to define
because it can be considered in plethora of ways. Computers are designed for a
specific function, ultimately making them extremely intelligent in that one function.
Even though computers can be intelligent, they do not have a sense of morality
or a sense of consciousness. The Turing test is not an actual depiction of
measuring intelligence.

Most computers are made for specific reasons and they are extremely
intelligent in that certain area. For example, a simple computer like a watch is
extremely intelligent at that task. However, if the watch was needed to search
the internet it would be impossible for it do so. This is not to say that the
watch is unintelligent, but it just holds a different type of intelligence. This
is the same for humans. If a person is extremely gifted at math but is terrible
at writing papers, they would not be considered unintelligent. No two people
think the same way, but we can identify a person as intelligent in a certain
subject. This would be the same for computers. One way to look at this topic is
that maybe humans are computers, just extremely complex computers. We could be
using a biological program that runs our bodies and controls our personalities
and moralities.

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Morality is something that determines if we do something right or wrong.
Humans have the choice in which they should act moral. Computers are different
in that sense and only act in a way in which they are programmed. Humans do the
right thing to be moral and to have a clear conscious. According to the “Myth
of Gyges” it states if you could do certain things without getting caught would
you do it? Glaucon is saying that anyone who has the chance to commit a crime
and truly get away would do it. If that is true than people are most likely all
evil. Perhaps the only reason why people don’t commit crimes every day is
because we’re afraid of getting caught. We all have certain reasons for why we
restrict ourselves from committing crimes. Some could be afraid of public
humility or others don’t want to deal with guilt. Possibly humans follow a more
profound code of morals rules. Computers do not have this sense of conscious
and do not care if they are doing the right thing or not. Humans are much more
self-aware and do things based on consequences from their actions.

The Turing test measures a machine’s intelligence that could pass for a
human. If a computer could trick a person into believing that it was human,
then it should be considered intelligent. “But Turing’s test has not aged well. Passing it is more a matter of
deception than of true intelligence. AI experts argue that the time has come to
replace Turing’s test with a battery of events that will assess machine
intelligence from many different perspectives.” (Marcus 60) However passing
this test, computers need to be deceptive and somewhat sarcastic to trick the
human. Humans can pick up on social cues for example, body language and
sarcasm. Computers cannot pick up on nonverbal cues, therefore making it hard
for them to pass the Turing Test. 

Computers can be considered intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to
acquire and apply knowledge and skills. They are programmed and then can apply
certain skills. Even though they do not have a sense of morality or
consciousness, they are unique in their own brilliant way.