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I was hired as a summer student in the Revenue branch at the City of Ottawa. This opportunity has provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could potentially perform in the future, as a student in Finance.

My first day at the City of Ottawa was one of the most memorable days of my time at work. After receiving a warm welcome from everyone, I was handed an excel spreadsheet to work on, in which they had asked me to retrieve information from a database and input into a spreadsheet and conduct various analysis. I immediately felt included in the organization and that the team valued my contribution.

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My employment with the City is very rewarding, I am able to get immediate feedback by my colleagues who are very knowledgeable, have numerous years of experience and are always willing to help me if I run into uncertainties. For example, I was given the task this summer to go through a list of properties that were exempt from taxes. My job was to meticulously look at the legal terms and by-laws of each property to determine if they were still deemed exempt. There were some properties which had missing or outdated information, thus needed further attention. When I encountered these properties, my supervisor directed me towards other resources to help complete the task. I sought out additional information from MPAC, a corporation who provides the assessment value of all properties across the province of Ontario and the City’s Legal department for further clarification. As a result, I was able to create a detailed excel spreadsheet of my findings so that there would be a better tracking system for these special properties.

Another important task I was assigned in the summer was stuffing envelopes containing tax bills and flyers and which had to be sent out to our large clientele the following day. In a group of six, we had the responsibility of over 700 bills, however within the stack of bills, our supervisor wanted us to pull ten specific bills as they had errors and should not be sent out. Our team decided to split the stack evenly among the six of us, where we would first find all ten of the special bills to set aside. Next, we would work independently within our stack to stuff each envelope with a bill and flyer inside, eventually pooling together our finished envelops. Together with coordination and teamwork, we achieved our desired outcomes before our lunch break. I was very proud of our achievement as a team because we would not have been able to finish the task as individuals and we were all accountable to one another.

By learning and observing my coworkers, I was taught many different skills that will be beneficial in the Ivey, such as expanding my knowledge of excel, corresponding with others using formal business language, analyzing and reading legal documents, and the importance of teamwork in accomplishing tasks.