I pursue his passion. I strongly recommend him for

I wish to put forth my impression about Mr. Akash Neel Dey whom I have known since his third year as a bright student, currently a working professional. I have taught him two subjects, “Renewable Energy” and “Wind Electrical Systems”. He did very well in both the subjects and was among the top 20% and 10% in the class respectively.Akash is a diligent student with a high degree of motivation. I remember him as a student asking lots of questions in the class, thus engaged the class in discussion. His ability to visualize and link the fundamentals of each subject make him an exceptional candidate for interdisciplinary projects as inferred from discussions in and out of the classroom. I remember him to be among the very best in problem solving skills. He could meticulously decipher the design problems and would educe the data which is required to solve the problem. This ability to clearly understand the system and asking the right questions is of prime importance to any research or system development.He has consistently maintained high levels of motivation for a research based career. In numerous discussions we had outside the class room, I have inferred his consistent passions towards circuit based subjects that involve a lot of mathematics. He is also one of the 15 students in the class of about 120 who have secured placement in a core Electrical engineering profile in the campus which is indeed a difficult task to achieve.In person, Akash is a well rounded person, well mannered and friendly. He is also a good runner and has participated in inter hostel sports competition (Zephyr) on behalf of his hostel. He is approachable and easy to communicate. He had also presented two seminars in the course which were laudable.I feel that graduate study is the best decision for him to pursue his passion. I strongly recommend him for MS in Electrical Engineering at your reputed institution.