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I found a few problems in the business however being a new firm they could still turn this over relatively quickly. What is extremely noticeable is that the full capacity of the arena is not being used and so resources have to be allocated more efficiently but as a new business it is understandable that there are problems at the start.The first pro is that this training facility is one of a kind in bangalore and they have goalstation which is a special training system that is used by professional clubs around the world. The one competitor is the sports centre for training excellence which is also a new facility in bangalore.it is also in the outskirts and has only one big field whereas FSV has multiple.The other problems i have encountered in my time at the business is that being a new business they have had problems landing sponsorship deals as the brands do not know if it will work. They are also targeting children and want to help develop india’s youth for future potential in the football world.The customers are the parents or they target children in hopes that they convince their parents to bring them to the ground.This has never been done at such a professional level and therefore parents who are the main consumers are still not sure if it will work. However only 2 training sessions on the weekend is not enough to do so but no parent wants to drive their children after school there and back.it would just eat up the whole day. As football is a niche market FSV as a company will have to slowly change the way the parents think:first get used to the distance of the drive and then the cost and then for players to change their playing style from a 5 a side to 11 a side mentality as 5 a side is the commonly known method of playing for youngsters and there is a lack of infrastructure in the city to have 11 a side competitions. Having a pro club play there is an objective for the company. It would also help  to  further promote goalstation more than just through social media.As method to employ people they identify employees through clubs and academies  who they already work closely with.Method of retaining employees:Starting salary which increases by 10-15 percent after first 6 months.performance based. Other half is they pay for the certification.recruit coaches with no license to train under their systemStaff training is a familiarization course of products and etc.every staff trained differently for motivation as well.Finance:FSV is a privately funded venture. The revenue model is based on “pay to play”where customers select services offered by the arena and reserve slots based on availability.Ex. when a tournament books the venue for a number of days or when a group of individualsbooks a football ground for a one hour match. FAB has a fee based model where customerspay on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to receive football training. YCL gets its fundingonly from sponsors, who then underwrite the costs of the league making it free for all the participants.Swot analysis: Strengths:-The facilities presents for the football games and training itself. Weakness:-The location.-Retaining coaches.-Getting parents to come regularly.Opportunities:-Develop training in goal station to take advantage of their competitive edge.-partner with schools to gain more publicity and have time to train kids Threats:-Could lose out to the competitor.-if something is not done for parents they could stop coming.-If coaches aren’t trained properly for the children it could cause problemsExternal Factors: Political-no government intervention as of yetEnvironmental -the fields were built on empty grounds so no environmental problems.Social-India has become very responsive towards football and that’s why there are more football oriented businesses coming up.Ethical-Fsv respects customers and follows the customer is right policy.Technological-State of the art equipment for training.-astroturf fields.-Special adjustable floodlightsLegal-Ensure the support staff and security are paid enough and live under good conditions.Survey conducted for parents based of price,accessibility , location and overall experience they have with FSV arena. Analysis and evaluationSwot analysis: This SWOT analysis tells us that this NEw company entering a niche market are having a lot of things that can go wrong. Tey are also having opportunities come up and as a new business it’s important to take right decisions for the future of the business therefore the choices are hard to choose from. Weaknesses are things they have to flip around as soon as possible as its what is hurting the business such as retaining coaches. Threats have the potential to hurt the business in the near future for example if FSV lose out on a deal to a competitor. Presently they have one strength which is their facilities and its important they play to that strength to keep being profitable and then put more time into the opportunities such as The goalstation or a crucial partnership with certain schools around the city. External Factors: Political: The government has not yet caused any difficulties for the Business while signing up and are not causing any problems about the land or the prices.Environmental: The grounds were not occupied before so there was no environmental issue building this place. However in order to help FSV could plant trees in their surrounding area not only to benefit the environment but so they provide some shade for the open fields.Social: This New business is following the football craze. In India it is new that people are interested in football and so we see many of these business come up.Ethical: FSV is a customer relationship based business and so ethically they make sure everything is the best it can be for the parents and the children and whoever uses the FSV facilities.Technological: As FSV is new all the equipment is top notch and is used by professional football clubs worldwide which is another great aspect of their service.Legal: Keep out of any unnecessary legal problems is the main aim and to do so its important that every financial transaction is recorded and that the support staff get paid above the minimum.Solutions for problems i found ate my time in the business are as follows: FSV partners up with schools so kids immediately can train after school and makes it easier for parents to pick them up. The head coach has come from portugal to help develop the standard of football yet another problem was finding coaches who are looking for full time jobs and who have the skill needed for the level FSV is holding up.background checks also have to be done as they are dealing with kids and so safety is the number one priority in cases like these. In terms of advertising FSV has targeted the radios and had a few billboards, they have also hosted charity football tournaments for word of mouth to spread around the city over the past year. However this has not had a significant increase in the crowd that uses the services there.One thing that has really worked is the youth champions league(YCL). It’s a league hosted by the arena and is every weekend. It began last year and ended with a successful first season.kids between 6 and 14 play in their respective  categories. This has kept the business busy on the weekends however on the weekdays as children have school there is not a lot of activity. One problem that they even had on the weekends was no incentive for the parents to come and so kids would show up one weekend and then stop however for the league this was a problem. The main problem that is present throughout is the location of the place. It’s too far for the children to go alone and there are no activities or even seating areas for the parents. Since parents are the ones who decide for the children at those ages it is important to please them. Just watching their child play in the hot sun and traveling for hours on the weekend is not something a lot of parents would like and therefore it was hard getting a regular amount of people coming on a weekly basis. So the main focus that will have to be marketed is the location. The weekdays will also have to be advertised so people go there to pay and play instead of the local grounds in the city like matchday or dream sports field. FSV wants to host tournaments on a regular basis to get the children used to that kind of atmosphere so that they grow up with mentality in mind. The marketing used now is generated through word of mouth,newspaper articles and their digital platforms. YCL uses a pull strategy to get new registrations for the league and a focused direct sales approach to attract potential sponsors.’Pull strategy’ refers to the customer actively seeking out your product and retailers placing orders for stock due to direct consumer demand. For this strategy to work efficiently it is necessary for the brand to already be visible in the market  and in the media however all their social media platforms are quite small as its new and the consumers who are young kids and parents are not the most tech savvy segment of the market and they can’t really help boost the social media standpoints.so this could be a flaw in the strategy.