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I chose to do my choir paper on Andrea Ramsey mostly because everyone else was taken, and so I asked you an interesting person to write about and you told me, “Andrea Ramsey”. Let’s start from when she was born and move into her college career. Ramsey originally born in Arkansas Andrea works in Kansas city as a composer-in-residence to the Allegro Choirs with a P.h.D in Music education from MSU, or Michigan State University. She has written approximately 70 choral pieces. and one of her most famous, which was actually in Washington News, was about the flint water crisis in Michigan. The first piece of Andrea Ramsey’s that I want to talk about it El Mars. I chose it because I am very into songs that are in a different languages and this is one of her few that are in a fully different languages. I can’t understand any of this song, obviously because i’m not bilingual whatsoever, but besides that I think that it sounds like a very classic latin or greek song. The song was written for SATB which I would have assumed because it’s written for JH choir and high school. The song is accompanied by a piano, but I couldn’t hear any other instruments. The overall tone of the piece is more like a mysterious tone because I would like to say that it’s in a minor key. The Second piece I chose to write about was Through the Dark, which seems to start out kind of slow, but then moves on to be more perky and erratic. The song was written for Arkansas Tech University Concert Chorale. I chose this piece because it reminds me of how I may have gotten through tough times and proceed to learn from it and move forward as a better person. The voice parts for this is SATB and SSAATTBB, but the song that I listened to is SATB. This piece is also accompanied by a piano, like the typical choral piece would be, but I think it would sound pretty fun if it was accompanied with maybe a violin or a cello. I would say the overall tone is inspiring because you can just tell from the title that it was written to get someone through something. This piece was actually written for the conductor for Arkansas Tech University Concert Chorale, Gary Morris, who is a friend of Andrea’s, because something had happened to his parent. I am not exactly sure what had happened. My 3rd and Final piece is On Some Solemn Shore, which personally I prefer over the other two songs much more. I chose this piece because of the beautiful harmony that takes place and how the piece sounds very difficult. It stands out to me because of the outstanding harmony that I heard in the video that I watched, which you can find on the website that I used when trying to find a piece. The words of the song are very inspiring and that everything someday gets better and that someone important that you may have lost you will meet again, and it makes me think about all the important people and object, or things, that I have lost, but one day I may find or the people I may see again. It also makes me think about that if someone from my life left what maybe God purposely took them out of my life because they may have been toxic for me. Some of the voice parts for On Some Solemn Shore are SATB, but I think it would sound amazing if it was done in SSAATTBB. It is also accompanied with a piano just like the other two pieces, but yet again I think that it would sound so good with, maybe a violin or a cello, or maybe both. The overall tone of this piece is what I would say is an out-of-earth kind of feel. Just because of all the fantastic harmony and thoughtfulness of the words. This piece was written for a person named Shay Gunner Heilman, that had died. It doesn’t really say what had happened, but it does say “in loving memory of Shay Gunner Heilman”, so I am assuming that they had passed. Overall I really liked the pieces I chose but the 3rd one was obviously my favorite because that is the one I wrote most about. I believe that the three that I chose were somewhat similar, but the 2nd one that I chose seemed to be more peppy, beat wise. They all also had a piano accompaniment, but I really wish that they used a low tone string instrument. Honestly, I really, really enjoyed the last one, On Some Solemn Shore. I would not mind if we sing that song next year just because of the beautiful harmonization, for the men especially.