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I consider women’s rights to be the most pressing global issue of today. This is because women across the world are being wrongly mistreated everyday, some of which do not have any control over their circumstances nor know their rights to begin with. We, as human beings, should not be turning a blind eye to the needs of people who birth our nations and make up roughly half of our global population. Even so, women are still unequal to their male counterparts, being denied the most basic of human rights from equal pay for equal work to protection from sexual violence to healthcare. Around the world, a woman can only make 77 cents compared to every dollar earned by a man, resulting in a lower lifetime income and a greater possibility of retiring into poverty. Some sources say that this is because women’s work is undervalued and they tend to be concentrated in different jobs than men. This is due to the fact that women have been, and in some countries still are, seen as only useful in the house, and are being excluded from certain jobs such as holding office. Sexual violence on women is another global problem that has left many traumatized, and with irreversible and life-long effects, mentally and physically. Millions of women around the world do not feel safe even using the bathroom in fear of being sexually assaulted. Additionally, violence done by partners who they were intimate with increase the likelihood of suffering from depression, having alcohol use problems, and acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Effective healthcare, especially for maternal health, is also a right that millions of women are being denied in several countries. During pregnancy and childbirth, women without access to prenatal or infant care are likely to encounter problems that can put themselves and their newborns at risk. These resources are vital in countries where girls are married young and expected to have children early. Women cannot properly decide what is best for them or their children without adequate and up-to-date health information and services.If women are hurting around the globe, we should be hurting too.