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I am sharing my experience of installing Drupal. There are three parts which are as follows: PART- A First, I analyzed the requirements to run Drupal. Here are the requirements :- 1. Minimum space of 100 MB to support various themes and content.2. Web Server (I am using Apache 2).3. Database (I am using My SQL). 4. PHP. Above mention software’s are freely available on Internet. So, I downloaded and installed all the packages. PART – B I made some changes in httpd.conf file present in the apache2 directory. I removed ‘#’ from ‘php7_module libexec/apache2/libphp7.so’. Now the second thing which was required to be done here on the same file was to give permission to the PHP and localhost by changing some part of the file. The changes to be made are :- Change ‘AllowOverride none’ to ‘AllowOverride All’ and ‘Require all denied’ to ‘Require all granted’. The changes made shown in the second picture. 1. 2. Next, in the section present below this directory, I added Indexes to the line ‘Options FollowSymLinks Multiviews’ to ‘Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Multiviews’ and the modification in step 2 also applies here i.e. ‘AllowOverride none’ to ‘AllowOverride All’ and ‘Require all denied’ to ‘Require all granted’. PART – C Below is the link from where I downloaded ‘Druple’. (https://www.drupal.org/download)
After downloading Drupal package, I unzipped the package. I renamed the package to “drupal” and pasted the unzipped folder(drupal) in /Library/WebServer/Document. Now comes the part of installation. For installation I opened my Web Browser (Safari) and in the URL section I wrote localhost/drupal. After the installation began, it showed an error which was ‘file system error’. Actually, in MAC permission for creating file is not given to the third-party system. So in order to install it I need to set the permissions. So instead of giving permissions to third-party system, I created a file in /drupal/sites/default. This error occurred when I had not given the permission. In the default folder, I created a folder and named it ‘files’. This resolved the error. There was another error which was ‘Setting Error’. To handle this, I copied the default.settings.php file and pasted the file in the same path (/drupal/sites/default) but with a different name, ‘settings.php’. The name of the file was settings.php. BEFORE: AFTER: Next is the configuration step, where I filled my general information about the site, for example username, password, site name, site URL. Whenever I hit any link, instead of redirecting me to the page it shows an error. The error was “The Requested URL not found on the server”. So to resolve this issue I needed to change some more settings on “httpd.conf” file present inside the Web Server. So, again I used my terminal to change the setting of this file and installed “rewrite_module”. To access this file from terminal, I wrote following command “sudo nano /etc/apache2/httpd.confg” and then I searched for “rewrite_module”. Delete the ‘#’ from the front side of the line. By removing the ‘#’ from the line, the updates will be installed. After doing this, I refreshed my page and now I can use my links properly. The experience of installing Drupal is awesome as I came across many hurdles and I got an opportunity to know some new commands of UNIX and I have not used any third party server like WAMP,MAMP etc. So, overall it was a very good experience and at the end it was worth downloading it and I am feeling very energetic as my work of around 2 hours paid off.