I the vague scent of musky woods and resin

I thumped back to my antiqued room while guarding my bleeding wounds, the blood that pumped out of those anguished cuts was now frozen. I couldn’t think of ruining my body anymore than it is already bruised. Small, shallow breaths puffed out of my chest as I tried to bear the extreme, searing pain that lashed through my skin.

A pearl-shaped tear lurched down my cheeks, followed by another hundred tears of sorrow, streaming down like a river full of blood waiting for me to be drowned in. A dull throbbing sensation whipped across my head, leaving me with a blurry vision.

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Enduring all the stings and aches that had begin to spread and wrench across my sore limbs, with all the power I had left I pushed the door open. The first thing I noticed was the vague scent of musky woods and resin pines luring across the room, immediately reaching my nostrils.


My eyes danced around the rather miniature room of mine and the object that grabbed my sole attention was the healing injections which were placed on the ancient, old wooden table. Being the only human living under this castle, only I was provided with these poisonous injections that I never learned about and the toxic medicines I was fed everyday.

However, I was thankful for having these astonishing injections after an entire week of tolerating the ridiculous pain of constant whippings I have been given considering the terrible events occurring in the past week.

But Jackson, under any circumstances wasn’t ever rough on me, though it may seem strange but after the whipping he took absolute care of my wounds and marks, he even offered his energy to make me heal and now suddenly he is gone, replaced by pervert who will surely scar any girl in front of him. Who is he and what happened to Jackson?

Tired, I clung on the bed that screeched and turned crooked when I hurled my self in the corner. The new growing itch was spreading across my body and freezing on my elbow.

My razor-sharp and groomed nails sunk in the particular delicate yet itching skin, a yawned came out from me as I lay exhausted on the bed. My nails terminated from my blistered skin and obtund, I slowly grabbed the injection from the table before plunging the needle on the itchy part of my arm.

The itch had stopped and my left hand went numb however the ripping sensation settled on my back was still alive and scorching in pain. Relaxing for minuscule minute, under the injection I felt phenomenal like suddenly everything just turned blank but I knew that this wouldn’t heal my deep, bloody cuts bestowed on my back.

Whenever I had these something miraculous would always happen, it never healed my wounds or cuts but it just gave me a new spark to breathe in.

Squirming under my crimson, ragged clothed I ripped them off my sweating body and ran to my same old same washroom, bare. In a second of walking inside my foot had slipped on the wet floor, I grasped the handle in the corner and then carefully made my way inside.

Confused and a little shock, considering the fact I didn’t even used the washroom after the glorious shower I was permitted to take early in the morning. Then who came here? I flicked my both eyebrows and shrugged before switching the lights on.

Whoever is it MUST DIE! No one is allowed to come in my room…no even ever steps here since they imagine its really disgusting and ugly but as usual they are wrong.

Exploring the cabinets for the bottle, I slammed most of the shampoos and other plastic bottles on the floor when I couldn’t find anything. I placed my hand on my hips and drew my bottom lip in my mouth while look around to make sure I didn’t miss any spot.

Where did I kept it? I screamed to myself as my heart beat begun to rise rapidly.

My piercing-blue eyes scrutinised around the small washroom before freezing on the dreadful reflection of my own self.

Big dry patches covering my skin, bluish-brown circles covering the flimsy skin under my eyes and an awful ghostly pale color diffused on my face. I looked worst than a panda especially with these horrendous yet numerous bruises, black eyes and cuts composed on my skin.

What have I done to myself?

They are just marks, they will heal. I nodded before assuring my self on those marks. These aren’t permanent, I have to heal them as soon as I can.

Now that bottle was supposed to be found, I can’t live with these forever.

I stormed out the washroom and tried to find that inexplicable potion of healing. Its not a normal potion, damn nothing is normal in this world not even me. I explored the entire room without exception however my meaningless, plenty tries lead to nothing other than sore muscles and exhaustion.

Stressed out, I positioned my body in the corner of the room and looked out for the individual places where my hands haven’t reached out. When I found nothing, no idea or memory of where I kept the bottle, I lurched down the floor and slapped my hands on my head before closing my eyes but before I could black out my eyes caught a glimpse of something shining underneath the bed.

How could I forget?

My bed…

A sharp, delightful smile appeared on my lips and I crawled to my bed before lifting the bed of the floor. Stings passed through my body like a bullet being slammed in the wall, I groaned in pain, wanting to pass out but when I found the bottle laying down on the floor I couldn’t help but grab it with all the energy I had left.

Slamming the mattress down the floor, I sighed before laying on the dust.


I yawned and took a second to glance at the clock which struck nine, I jolted up from the floor in fear of someone knocking my door at the ten for dinner. I have to do it as fast I can, and no one should ever know about this. With concern, I ran back to the washroom I just had stepped out from but when I saw water leaking from the floor I eventually stopped on my tracks and with caution I tip toed to the mirror where I could see my reflection.

I didn’t mind closing the door because no one really care about me or my existence. Once my eyes mirrored my eyes I froze again, these eyes were good at capturing attention back 10 years ago, what happened now?

What happened to Erik? He wasn’t like this at least not with me..after he left everyone had told that he turned into a beast, I believed they all were wrong but after today I should have understood what they said and ripped the good memories away into shreds

Few tears spilled but I wiped them away because they only make you weaker than you actually are. I turned around and slightly twisted my neck so I could see the marks around my back.

They were horrifying.

Bony, lean lines dribbling down with a hint of blood smeared around those imperfect, skinny whip marks. It would take years for me to count every single cuts and lines, all I could say that they were more than hundred small cuts. The bigger ones took more space and they were agonizing in pain.

My right hand wrenched and I reached put to touch one of the bigger cuts to figure out how much they would hurt but when my finger swiped on the cut, I immediately winced in unbearable pain before jumping back in the washroom.

Terrified from the sudden pain, I grabbed the bottle and rolled it open, the first thing I sniffed was the smell of black roses and trees reaching up to my nose it reminded me of the old days. I placed the bottle on the counter screwed next to the mirror and I turned around, waiting for the miracle to happen.

The scent diffused around the washroom and soon in a minute all I could be smelling was the scent of this potion. I started to gaze at the cuts bleeding from my arms and legs. They were finally healing… I glared at them like something exciting was happening

Turning my neck I looked back at the mirror to see all those whips marks I have been blessed with, they were now slowly and peacefully healing and all that as left behind was some little bruises which would go in a day or two. I closed my eyes and let the potion sink in my skin.

But before I could heal properly some bursted in my room.