I to Saint Petersburg. In Russia, he was taught

I think
that everyone knows novel prize. Every year, some people are announced as a
winner. It has six divisions, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace,
Economic science. This is most popular prize, but how this was established?
What is Novel?

  Novel is person who
did big development. His all name is Alfled Bernhard Novel. He was born in Stockholm
Sweden. His birthday is 1833,10,21. He has 7 brothers and he is forth son. His
father is engineer and developer when he was born. But they are not rich
family, so his father moves to Saint Petersburg in Russia in order to earn
money. His father established the company which produce explosive products when
he is 4-year- old. Several years after, they can be rich, all members in family
move to Saint Petersburg. In Russia, he was taught chemistry and foreign
languages by tutor. Especially, he is good at speaking foreign language, he can
speak Swedish, English, French, German, and Russian.

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  He moves to Paris to
go study abroad when he is 18. Next year, he moves to the USA to study. His
study abroad was 1year in Paris and 4 years in the USA. After 5 years , he go
back to Russia and work with his father. Then, his company can get benefit
because of Crimea war.  But the war
finish in 1856 and they cannot get benefit. So, the company go bankrupt. He go
to Sweden and start developing explosives. In 1864, His factory has an
accident. It explodes! His brother die. The experiment about explosives in
Stockholm is forbidden. But he continue developing in Germany. He decides to
develop safety explosives.

  In 1867, he can
develop. He names it “Dynamite”. He establishes many factories to produce
dynamite. It used in war. He becomes super rich man.

  When his brother
die, he is complained as cruel man. It is because the products which made by
novel kill many people. He feel very bad and think. He decides to give people
who help people his heritage. After his death, the novel prize is established
in 1901. Every year in December,10, the day he die, awarding ceremony is held.
A winner is given much money from his heritage.

  He had many
experience including bad and good. He had much money. He made the award. It is
because he made a big effort.