I yet nobody is ready to let go if

I think every family has that one particular piece of furniture that has
been around since forever, yet nobody is ready to let go if because of all those
random memories and the sentimental value that weird, out of shape and in most
cases the filthy piece of wood holds. I remember my dad’s favourite couch
played that part in our house and gave everybody bruises from time-to-time yet
my dad absolutely refused to get rid of it. That’s when we decided to bring out
the big guns and jazz it up a bit. I suggest you do the same and here are a few
tips that’ll probably come in handy while doing so.

Test, remove
and smoothen

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Personally, I always test the paint before going all in. It gives me the
time to make up my mind about the colour and also make sure if that’s the shade
I want. After settling on the colour, remove the loose paint from the old
furniture and sand using a palm sender from top to bottom. Remember the
smoother the surface, the better the finish.

2.     Always use a primer

Now, I am sure majority of you guys must have painted walls and canvases
but painting an old piece of furniture is a completely different ball game.
Always and I cannot stress this enough, Always use a primer before painting. It
not only prevents the stains from bleeding but also gives it a better finish. Always
keep in mind that the primer should match the type of paint you choose. So, you
might need some assistance on that one.

3.     Always work from top to bottom


I would
suggest painting downwards, start from the very top and work your way towards the
bottom. This way you’ll be able to smoothen all the paint drips and achieve a professional
sheen and finish.


Apply 2-3 light


While painting the old furniture make sure you apply
2-3 light coasts and give them a moment to dry out in between the applications.
After that, a layer of clear polyurethane, and your old furniture painting
project will end up a huge success.


That being said, just paint your heart and enjoy
the whole process because that is what this project is all about. Making memories!