If century. In addition to the employment gains, there

 If predictions about life in the
21st century were way off base, people may have been wrong about it.
Most of the technological advances predicted by science have simply not come
into play. However, some of the best and popular employment trends may be
taking shape in the 21st century. In addition to the employment gains, there is also an increase
in labor force participation over this period. What
follows is a list of
4 such jobs for 21st century, ranked on the basis of best in growth.

(1)   Software Developers
Average Annual Income: $98,000

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Currently, the market is hot for
software developers. Playing with technology and apps is the new cool. Software
Developers deal with designing computer firmware, operating systems,
programming software, testing software and bug fixing. As long as people are
using tools that allow us to do almost anything with computers and mobile
phones, the world is going to need software developers.
Get ready, pack your bags, and move to Silicon Valley!

Physicians and Surgeons
Average Annual Income: $165,000

Almost half of the practicing
physicians are over 55 years old, according to a report by the Alliance
for Health Reform. As these aged doctors retire, that gaping void will need
filling. And as of that age, they will require more health care services,
and this increases the demand in this field.
Well, General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy flaunts young and dedicated doctors,
might as well be true in the near future.

Management Analysts
Average Annual Income: $78,000

Management analysts offer outsider
advice to executives about how to improve their businesses and provide business
solutions. It’s a core part of the consulting services sector, and is growing
in its field with a fast rate. Consultants work in different sectors and for
different business firms. Consultants who
specialize in health care and IT, particularly cyber security, are expected to
have the best job prospects. Job growth in this sector will be at a robust 14% in next ten

Advertising and Promotions
Average Annual Income: $93,000

With the
market blooming with new products almost every day, promotional and advertisement campaigns
are needed in order to generate interest in a product or service. With about
40% of the millennials in this line, this role usually requires some experience
along with a basic bachelor’s degree.

Average Annual Income:

What exactly do Statisticians do? They
use methods to gather and analyze data from various sources to solve real
–world problems in fields like business, science, engineering, medicine, etc.
Sounds interesting? Turns out, millennials are pretty good with figures and
data which makes this profession popular amongst the 20- and 30- somethings of
the world.