Illegal refugee status is at the inland border and

immigration means when a person enters a country without proper authorization
or government approval. Illegal immigration in Canada is not a new thing.
Illegal immigration puts a huge pressure on tax system of Canada because
whenever an illegal immigrant enters Canada then as per Canadian laws and
policies Canada needs to protect that illegal (as per circumstances) and
provide that person with shelter, food and other services.

Canada most of the refugees or political asylum cases are occurred in Ontario,
Quebec and British Columbia. As per Government of Canada most the asylum
seekers claim their refugee status is at the inland border and again Ontario,
Quebec and British Columbia has the highest number of claims.

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days Canada is facing a huge wave of illegal immigrants coming towards the
border of Canada from USA through Quebec border. According to Customs and
Immigration Union President Jean Pierre, every day almost 500 illegal
immigrants is crossing into Quebec every day. More than ten thousand Illegal
Immigrants crossed Canada and US unofficial border in order to avoid the Safe
Third Country Agreement which is between USA and Canada.
 Safe Third Country Agreement is an
agreement that was signed between US and Canada in December 5, 2002, and came
into effect on December 29, 2004. It’s a treaty between two countries that
explains how they will deal with refugees depending upon where the refugee
lands first.

is one the top countries that accepts huge numbers of refugees every year. These
numbers are increases every year because of the pressure from number of claims
and agreement with UN and other countries. On the other hand, this sharp and
continues hike in the number of claims creates huge and enormous pressure on
Canadian tax payers. Moreover, because of these increased numbers of refugee
claims, its too hard for IRCC to process these cases in appropriate time. In
most cases, refugees are sent to Montreal until IRCC start processing their
cases which takes anywhere from one to two months.

in this situation, it becomes highly unsafe for other people as these political
asylum seekers are with living with Canadians freely while their cases were
being processed by IRCC. At this point of time we don’t know who these asylum
seekers are, they may be drug dealers, terrorist, a fugitive or may be a war
criminal, may also having any health problem that make them inadmissible to
Canada but due to large number of claims every month, IRCC has no option left
unless send them to Montreal until they process their cases.

is an immigrant country. Immigration plays a very vital role in Canada’s
economy. Hence, immigrants vote plays a huge role in elections too. Canada’s
politicians have no say on illegal immigration or why and how these illegal immigrants
end up in Canada while having all thousands of law enforcement officers works
on airport, inland and at international borders.  The reason for not having any involvement or
any statement from higher authorities is because of the vote bank. Immigration
is necessary for the development of Canada in terms of economy and Canada as a
whole but at the same time illegal immigration is eating up the core values of
Canada immigration system as these days more and more people are abusing
Canada’s immigration system by filing false political asylums.

increase in the numbers of illegal immigration, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
stated that the, government has been taking extreme measures to make sure that
immigration laws are properly followed because it is facing with growing crisis
of illegal immigration. He stated that removing anyone who doesn’t follow
Canada’s strict rules for migrating into the country. It was reported by the
Reuters after obtaining confidential government data that, “Between January
2014 and Sept. 6, 2017, Canada sent 249 people to 11 countries for which the
government had suspended or deferred deportations because of dangers to
civilians. Reuters reported that this number included 134 refugees were
returned to Iraq who were in danger and likely fleeing ISIS, and 43 were
returned to Afghanistan. In 2016 number of deportations to Iraq were already
doubled. If we compare the data with the USA its currently not deporting any Iraqi
refugees because its considered unsafe country and when Reuters asked the
Canadian officials it said that the process is humanitarian and their cases
were duly presented in courts and they do have right to appeal as well.

problem that caused by illegal immigration is that legal immigration by which
deserved candidates who applied to come to Canada through legal channels are
waiting for their turns in a long cue which takes months to years to process
because Canada is facing flood of illegal immigration from everywhere of the
world. Illegal immigrants are coming by planes, by buses or by foot towards
Canadians border for political asylum.

BBC   more
than 4300 people have crossed into Canada seeking refugee status since January
2017 till August 2017. The majority have crossed into the province of
Quebec, straining government and community resources. Many of them have been
denied asylum in the US and are hoping for a second chance on the other side of
the border. More over more than 3300 people crossed the Quebec border between 1st
January 2017 and 30th June 2017. After Donald Trump becomes the
President of USA, Canada is facing a huge wave of illegal immigrants towards
its shore as Donald Trump announces US immigration policies which are way stricter
then Obamas administration.

problem illegal immigration creates is job crisis because illegal immigrants
asks for cash job which is also known as under the table jobs which creates a
huge disbalance between legally acquired jobs and illegally acquired jobs.
Whenever a person does cash jobs then the employer doesn’t take the portion of
tax from their salary as they are known as cash jobs and this makes a huge loss
for Canadian economy. Moreover, illegal immigrants get ready to work for less
then prevailing minimum wage and this gives employers more power to take
advantage of them. Data shows that illegal immigrants are facing more abuse
from employers or get caught in illegal activities.

is not the only country that faces illegal immigration but other countries are
facing the same problem on daily basis. According to, UK
government has taken a big step to find and deport more illegal immigrants in
the UK. In this decision home office has served notices to banks and financial
institutions to find and report illegal immigrants.

the banks have begun running immigration checks on its customers to help home
office to track down and deport thousands of illegal migrants. The home office
reported the big banks and financial institutions are verifying the status of
its 70 million account holders. The government believe as many as 6000 illegal
immigrants can be deported out of country due to this step. This new
legislation was introduced just at the start of the year to impose the duty on
the banks and building societies.

move comes just weeks after Border Force union officials claimed staff are so
stretched they have “no way” of tracking down hundreds of thousands
of illegal immigrants working on the black market. The border forces demanded
from the Government for effectively outsourcing immigration enforcement work to
private companies and landlords who face fines unless they check whether
tenants have a right to be in the country. In a statement new Immigration
Minister Caroline Nokes said: “These new measures are part of our commitment to
make it more difficult for people with no right to live or work in the UK to
remain here. This will not affect those who live in the UK legally but we must
be firm with those who break the rules as illegal immigration impacts the whole
of society.”