Imagine other than murder, such as assault and shoplifting,

Imagine that someone that you were close to was just murdered and the person that murdered them is planning on using the insanity defense. How would you feel? I believe that most criminals only use the insanity defense as an excuse. I think this because of the numerous statistics, evidence of people found using the defense as an excuse, and problems with the insanity defense. Some statistics prove that most criminals who plead insanity rarely get out of persecution. According to “Mentally Ill, but Insanity Plea is a Long Shot” “Out of 5,910 murder cases, 7 people were found to be mentally ill”. This is most likely be cause jurors have learned, over the amount of cases where the defendant plead insanity, how an insane person acts, therefore finding more people faking insanity. Next, according to the article “Is there a Need for the Insanity Defense?”, ” 60 to 70 percent of crimes other than murder, such as assault and shoplifting, lead to insanity pleas. Why would someone want to defend himself from a minor crime instead of a murder case, which could possibly land them in jail for life without possibility of parole. Lastly, from an article called “Insanity Plea Statistics”, “Insanity Plea Statistics reveals that almost 70 percent of NGRI (Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity) defendants withdrew their defense on the insanity plea when their respected state appointed experts discovered that they are legally sane.” The defendants only withdrew their defense because they knew that the punishments would be severe if they did not. In one trial there were two brothers who banged their heads on a table and barked like dogs so that the juror would think that they were insane.That leads me to my next point which is that some people act insane but are still found guilty. For example, in the article “Insanity Plea is a Long Shot.” “Mr. Tarloff’s first claim that god had directed him came out about 6 weeks after the attacks, and that the claim was invented to save himself.” Mr. Tarloff used a delusion to cover up his wrong doings. Also in “…Long Shot” “These actions indicate acute awareness that what he was doing placed him in legal jeopardy.” It is saying that he was aware of his actions and he did know it was wrong. Finally, from the article “Is there a need?”, “Only wealthy defendants can retain high priced psychiatric experts.” The defendants should know that they are going to have to pay for the psychiatric care before they use the defense, but some defendants can’t afford the proper experts. Mr. Tarloff was found mentally ill and was on medication but was still eventually found guilty.My third and final point is that the insanity defense had a lot of mistakes. First of all, from “Is there a need?”, it makes a point saying, “Some opponents attack the insanity defense for confusing psychiatric and legal concepts, in the process undermining the moral integrity of the law.” For Example, the insanity defense means that you were insane while you were committing the crime. Some people were mentally ill but that doesn’t mean that you don’t know right from wrong. Also in “Is there a need”, “Critics contend that the modern criminal law is concerned more with the consequence of the crime and less with the moral imperatives. If a person commits the crime they should be convicted.” That means that punishment deserves justice. Lastly, from “The Insanity Defense”, ” Mental illnesses are not always treatable.” Therefore, the person who committed the crime should stay isolated for other people’s good. The insanity defense needs a lot of improvements. There are some people who believe that the insanity defense is just and fair. For example, people say that some adults don’t know right from wrong. That is true and I can agree with that. But, just because they are mentally ill doesn’t mean that they are not aware of their surroundings and what they are doing.There are many reasons why i believe that the insanity defense is an excuse. First, because the amount of statistics that show that. Second, a lot of people take advantage of it. Lastly, there are many problems with it. The Insanity defense is only used by criminals who don’t want to do the time for their crime.