IMAN beauty influencers to create more brand awareness.3 IMAN

Cosmetics will have a great opportunity if the company broadens their customer reach through the use of social media.
The beauty industry is polluted by mainstream cosmetic giants. As a company who
caters to women of color, IMAN has the potential to dominate the beauty
industry through its niche market.


Cosmetics was the first cosmetics and skincare collection designed for all
women with skin of color4. This puts the company at an advantage
when it comes to knowledge about what their customers want. What Iman noticed,
and others are also starting to notice, is that representation has been a huge
problem in the beauty industry.2 IMAN Cosmetics will thrive right
now in the beauty industry, as consumers are looking for brands that focus on
inclusivity when it comes to skin color. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a great
example of how successful a beauty company can be when using social media. Fenty
Beauty currently has 2.9 million followers on Instagram.5 Their Instagram
is used to promote its inclusive products as well as utilize social media
beauty influencers to create more brand awareness.3 IMAN Cosmetics
can use the same social media tactics as Fenty Beauty to increase its customer
reach and increase its market share
in the beauty industry.

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beauty industry has gained $1 billion for three consecutive years.1
By utilizing social media to create better brand awareness, IMAN Cosmetics will
expand its customer reach. This strategy will allow the company to dominate the
beauty industry through social media. The company’s market share will increase
due to a growing consumer market. will
all the company to successfully grab a hold of its niche brand




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