Impact received from other rival firms who produce alternative

Impact of retail store design and space on
customer experience

The fashion industry is characterised by hard
competition. Most of the companies are go-getting to produce new brands and
labels that will promote their competitive position against their rival firms.
Many of the fashion experts have closed down their businesses as a result of
the tough competition received from other rival firms who produce alternative
products for the customers at subsidized prices. Success in fashion retail shop
does not just come from having filled shelves and fully stocked stored or
having the right prices for your products. The success in this type of business
is multidimensional and covers a wide array of issues. Most of the customers in
this modern age demand enjoyable shopping experience from the time they enter a
fashion store to the moment they leave the store. Retail space design in the
fashion industry has contributed in building a memorable journey for customers
as they shop within a retail outlet. Beautiful and well organized retail space
designs draw customers into fashion stores and create an engaging environment
that leaves memorable shopping experience on the customer’s mind. These
memorable shopping experiences may make the client return to the shop creating
customer happiness. It is for this reason that fashion designers such as Armani
and Prada have opted to collaborate with architects to create an outstanding
environment within their retail spaces. ‘The design of the interior of a retail
shop can create a special mental picture on a clients mind’ (Zaltman , 2005 : 5).
The interior of the fashion retail shops should make the customer feel
comfortable and make it easy for them to shop. The design of Armani stores
creates a positive picture on a person’s mind, and this helps the client shop
freely and comfortably within the stores. The interior of such stores is well
crafted leaving long-lasting memories in a customer’s mind. This may act as a
promotional tool for the business as the client may go and share their
experiences with friends and colleagues which will increase the number of
clients. Besides it will ensure that the customers stick to a specific retail
shop and brand which promotes the overall business objective. Retail space help
effectively conveys a brand. Eye-catching window display, digital signals, and
beautiful decors help to attract, engage and inspire customers from the moment
they enter a given retail outlet to the time they finish shopping. It is
therefore important for fashion experts to acquire the services of architects
in designing checkouts and point of sale sections within the retail store.
These two areas can create long-lasting impressions on a customer’s mind which
will result in product loyalty. The technology used should be reliable and able
to meet the various needs of the customers during their shopping journey inside
the retail shop. This move will help enhance the brand image and make a
positive statement regarding the business.

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The design of floors, walls and display
shelves also help promote the sale of the fashion designs.  By ensuring the retail space is well managed
and the products are displayed on stand the customer can identify various
products and choose from a wide collection. This helps boost the customer’s
experience. Furthermore, gold painted walls with different characteristics and
marble floors help introduce the customer to a calm shopping environment that
ensures customer happy. Items should not be seen as flooding the retail space,
but rather they should be well displayed and arranged within the store living
room and space where customers may be a free to walk with no obstacle or
bumping on each other. Retail store design and the arrangement of retail space
are important aspects of the fashion industry. These two areas have a direct
impact on customer’s experience when shopping inside the retail stores. A
positive shopping experience results in more sales of the product and helps in
enhancing return clients. Most of the clients who enjoyed a good shopping
experience tend to return to the shop or informing their friends and colleagues
about the retail store which results in increased sales. A poor shopping
experience results in lower sales and loss of clients. It is therefore
important for fashion expert to design theirs in a manner that will help
promote the brand image of the business.