Improvement Middlesbrough Health Profile 2012 says that ‘smoking is

Improvement issues cover such thing, drug
misuse, from the reports, statistics and studies, it is clear that the key and
predominant health related improvement issue in the town of Middlesbrough, is
smoking. The Middlesbrough Health Profile 2012 says that ‘smoking is one of the
main priorities for improvement in this area; approximately 30,000 people smoke
in Middlesbrough’ (Middlesbrough JSNA, 2012). As a result of this large section
of Middlesbrough’s population smoking which includes drugs, it would com. Drug
addiction is a chronic condition characterised by the risk of repeated relapse
and remission. It can take an individual several attempts over a number of years
to finally overcome his or her dependency and lead an addiction-free life.
There is no quick solution and what may work for one person will not
necessarily work for another (Drug Treatment & Recovery in 2010/11,
National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, 2011).

Nearly 500 people were
admitted to hospital in Middlesbrough for mental health problems related to
illegal drugs last year. It means that Middlesbrough has one of the highest
rates of people being diagnosed with mental illness connected to illegal drugs
in England.

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Some 459 people were
admitted to hospital and diagnosed with mental health or behavioural disorders
related to illegal drugs in Middlesbrough in 2013/14. For every 100,000 people
in the town, 331 were diagnosed with one of these conditions. Only Liverpool
has a higher rate of drug-related diagnoses in England. More than six in ten of
the 459 people admitted and diagnosed were men.

Drug abuse is often
accompanied by a devastating social impact upon community life. The present
article focuses on the adverse effect of drug abuse on industry, education and
training and the family, as well as on its contribution to violence, crime, financial
problems, housing problems, homelessness and vagrancy().


 Statistically, drug
misuse in Middlesbrough is currently at a high level. This advocates that
illegal drugs may be a local health improvement issue. With drug misuse, being
such a large issue within Middlesbrough at the present time, local services and
its users may benefit from a community profile in order to identify areas for
improvement. Many people who misuse drugs end up in hospital.

A health improvement is process in which helps people to
improve their health by controlling and guiding their live style and health
determinants. So health improvement issue is an area that would benefit from
health promotion and improving services provided, which ultimately goes beyond
individual behaviour towards an extensive variety of social and environmental
intercessions. (WHO | Health promotion. 2014.)

With alcohol been such an issue, it has a large impact on
services provided in Middleborough both physically and financially. There is
strain on the services to provide affective care whilst in high demand. As a
result of this, there are cost implications for use of treatments, equipment
and time. If the level of alcohol misuse were to be reduced, this would create
some relief for services working hard to accommodate. In order to reduce the
levels, a community profile is beneficial in order to ascertain where the
issues are within the local community and put strategies in place.

Yearly, across the
country, alcohol misuse is causing the NHS approximately ??3.5billion (The
National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse. 2014.) Due to this, areas with
high levels of alcohol misuse, such as Middlesbrough are forced to put into
place and commission alcohol services in order to prevent/treat alcohol misuse.

Annually in the UK, NHS spends 570 million pound for the
treatment of drug addiction. According BBC, (2016) Middlesbrough is one of the
highest host of drug misuse in the UK after Stockton on tees and London, usage
varied between 508mg and 707mg per 1,000 people throughout the week. Illegal
drugs can be a serious and fatal problem, as they are responsible for between
1,300 and 1,600 deaths a year in the UK, and destroy thousands of
relationships, families and careers. As the result in Middlesbrough

Looking at the epidemiology of illegal drugs displays why
people may turn to drugs and what effects it may have on them. Most individuals
try illegal drugs for relaxation, grown up, to escape from stress and to
experiment. As they see drugs are the solution however becomes poison.
Extensive misusing drugs can have many negative effects on the body, mind and a
person’s health and these may short or long term. For instances misuse of drug
can affects the brain by increasing the chemicals dopamine and serotonin during
drug use, these make the brain to depend on the drugs for pleasure. Physical
illness including Heart rate irregularities, heart attack, lung cancer,
emphysema and breathing problem, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, kidney and
liver damage, stroke, brain damage.  have
on a person are academic problems, social isolation, memory problems and an
increased risk of mental health problems leading to suicide (Galanter, M et al.
1983. p1).


Alcohol starting becoming a rising problem in the 1800s,
and the first self-help groups were introduced. By the 1930s alcoholics
anonymous had been founded and alcohol misuse has continued to grow since
(Rose, M.E. and Cherpitel, C.J. 2011. p3)