In 60 million views per week in over 100


In this written task I have chosen
to write about an online critique on the television show, south park. This
television was made by an iconic man Trey Parker. This writer is iconic for his
somewhat obnoxious manner and use of language without any concern of any
audience or groups that may have the potential to be offended. His insults and
comments consists mainly of racist comments due to his pride and history of
writing. Other than racist comments, South Park writers are able to portray and
make a mockery of people with different genders and sexuality. Trey Parker
often makes comparison through the use of similes and metaphors in order to
portray a certain stereotype.


South Park is an example of
language and mass communications through the media. What began in 1997 as
conventional kids show has evolved after its recognition on the television,
it’s increasing its viewership overtime to an estimated 60 million views per
week in over 100 countries. Thus, the language used by South Park could be able
to convince some viewers that the stereotypes they portray are actually the
truth since the audience is mostly children at the age of 14.

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I have chosen to write this
response in a form of an online critique. This is because i am able to
criticize the comments made, discussing about how inconsiderate and offensive
the South Park team could be to certain audiences. People could also be able to
comment on it agreeing or disagreeing with anything that I say. This will be
posted in a critic for or any forum that relates to South Park.



















South Park:

In 1997, The first episode of South
Park was launched, the show has made a huge transformation a couple years later
with its “humorous” and controversial show the target audience has changed from
the age of 13+ to 17+. With an estimation of 60 million views per week in over
100 different countries. South Park is a fine example of how mass media is used
to persuade and inform large audiences, conveying many ideas for show that is
considered “humorous” related. The show has been made famous by an iconic
writer Trey Parker, for his obnoxious manner and use of language, speaking his
mind without having to think twice about offending any potential viewers. Over
the years, Trey Parker’s comments have offended multiple racial groups, Asians
to Africans, as well as viewers of different genders.


Racist comments are probably the
most frequent type of ‘humor’ found in South Park, the presenter’s patriotic
feelings and ignorance have insulted many races around the globe. South Park
makes use of language to portray certain racial and sexist stereotypes, one
example made by a character named Eric Cartman says ” I’ve been licking this
carpet in my dream while a sleep for the past 3 hours and i still don’t feel
like a Canadian lesbian” and soon after another character named Kyle then goes
on saying “try going back to sleep again but this time dream about being a
bit** then you might turn out to be an actual Canadian lesbian” these comments
made by the duo was also aired during the Canadian ambassadors visit in the US.

The Canadian Ambassador complained, demanding an apology from Trey parker’s
crew saying that the comments were “offensive and pointing out humiliating
remarks” that “only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes and perpetuate
prejudice against Canada and its people” the implications made by Eric Cartman
and Kyle here are very clear implying that they are “lesbians and bit**es” as
if they lacked purpose in life.


Racist comments may also have
surfaced due to their patriotism and America’s history with other countries.

Although Nazi political and economic relations are not very high, South park
seemed to be living in the past, dwelling on the conflict between America and
Germany in the world war II, holding their prejudice and grudge on actions of
the infamous Adolf Hitler. In an episode, some of the characters were
represented as Nazis, such character as Eric Cartman was running around his
city and discriminating every Jew and saying things such as “you sneaky Jew
rat”, “You filthy Jew” and “Jews have been exterminated from this earth for
good reasons” All these comments relate to Hitler and Nazi Germany. These
comments have gained negative attention from both America and German news
media. Eric Cartman’s comments here are generalizing the Jewish community as
“filthy beings”, implying that the influence of the Nazi’s party morals are
still present in our modern society.


Gender stereotypes are also
portrayed through language in South Park, because the main characters were male
and very outspoken, they would make jokes about women because it’s “funnier”
when a male tells them. In an episode, there was the presidency poll and the
contenders had to make a speech, one of the contenders comments “you know I was
standing here in line and you know what I do, I stick my finger up in this
chicks asshole and then she turns around then says ‘”‘aren’t you that cute guy
running for president”” and then I say yes, she then proceeds to ask me why
stuck my finger up in her ass, and you know what, I said I’m just keeping my
finger warm honey, so I can stick it up that hot chicks clam” this comment
would obviously have different effects on audiences. Naturally, most male
audiences would have a good laugh at this joke. however, there is a possibility
of many women and feminist being offended by this joke, as the comments imply
less attractive women can be used as advantage to please the more attractive


South Park is a widely viewed show,
with a huge range and variety of audience. South Park is a show watched by many
people for its comedic value, entertainment and highly opinionated views. But
those who are easily offended should maintain their distance from South Park’s
from the issue risen from the brash, cocky and arrogant characters. The style
of South Parks “humor” is frowned upon and seen as unacceptable by many in
today society. The racist remarks made by South Park are cheap jokes made to
get a laugh without considering the racial groups they are targeting to make
fun of. This self-centered act which should not be allowed on national
television, let alone international broadcasting.