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In the novel Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, the main character Chris McCandless, in my opinion, was admirable for his courage and noble ideas. The author retells a story of a young man who hitchhiked his way to Alaska and when doing he achieved his goal of living in the wilderness. The young man named Chris McCandless left his family and home to find a new life for himself. Through the novel, you are able to see evidence showing that McCandless should be worthy of his actions. Although there are some parts of the novel that shows that Chris was self-obsessed and a foolish man. Overall, I think Chris McCandless should be viewed for his courage and his noble ideas. Chris McCandless is admirable for his bravery for following his dream. During chapters eleven and twelve, we learn about him and his relationship with his parents. Walt McCandless stated, “Chris had so much talent, but if you tried to coach him, to polish his skill, to bring the final ten percent, a wall went up.” This goes to show that Chris was a stubborn young boy but we learn that he wasn’t fond of his father in particular. He wanted the best for Chris and he had Chris’s life all planned out for him. McCandless could have done anything he wanted after graduating. And he did exactly what he wanted to do. The only difference is he broke away from his family and did something very unusual. Chris McCandless hitchhiked to Alaska and into the wilderness all alone. Krakauer hinted in the novel that McCandless wanted nothing to do with this family and by doing so followed his dreams. In reality, there are not many people who would do this and it takes lots of courage to go out alone, somewhere you are not familiar with. Chris was willing to give everything to experience life the way he wanted, and he showed a huge level of courage in the process. Another admirable moment is his courageous and his noble ideas. In chapter twelve Krakauer writes about Chris and what he does with all his money he earned or received from family. “Shortly thereafter, he donated the balance of his bank account to OXFAM, loaded up his car, and vanished from their lives,” stated Krakauer. Readers may be thinking of why he would get rid of his money right before leaving to go on his journey. Although my view towards this action of his is that he was very bold in making this decision and showed some sort of braveness. Yes, it may have been a foolish act, although he may have wanted to prove that you don’t need to survive on the money. Chris found no need for his money and he no longer needed it to support his social life.In contrast to him being courageous and noble, Chris McCandless was also arrogant. This is because he felt that he simply didn’t belong in modern society, so he left it all behind. “By design McCandless came into the country with insufficient provisions, and he lacked certain pieces of equipment deemed essential by many Alaskans…” stated Krakauer. McCandless was reckless and unprepared by; not having the right essentials and not telling anyone or leaving a trace of where he was heading. However, Chris McCandless died doing what he loved through careless decisions and many courageous decisions that many people can’t understand why he did. I understand he wanted to exist in a world where there was no one to tell him what to do, no one judging him and no one to answer to, but Chris McCandless could have planned his journey out better.Into The Wild is a novel leaving the reader to their opinion on Chris McCandless and their thoughts on him if he was a courageous or an arrogant person. My view of McCandless was that he was a very determined, courageous man for, leaving his family, living on his own and getting far away from society. Chris McCandless was willing to give everything to experience life the way he wanted, and he gave everything when he died in the wilderness. Nevertheless, he already accomplished what he set out to achieve and showed a huge level of courage through the process. “His life hummed with meaning and purpose. But the meaning he wrested from existence lay beyond the comfortable path…” stated Krakauer.