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In the history of the United States, immigrants are considered to be a threat to the prosperity and culture of the United States. But actually immigrants make a significant contribution to the history of the United States. They brought advanced science and technology, promoted the technology revolution and the productivity improvement, expanded the market, faciliated the development in the west and enriched the culture of the United States. Surprisingly, the United States has changed its own country’s immigration policy. What impacts will it have on the current U.S. economy? This issue will be analyzed from the following three aspects: employment, education,and marketing.

The U.S government wants to drive out all illegal residents who live in America, even some of whom have temporary files that make them have rights to stay under Obama’s policy. They find jobs in different areas like hotel, restaurants and health centers. However, they earn low wages to do manual work. ‘The furor over U.S. immigration tends to gloss over one thing: the impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy. About 25 million immigrants are working in the country today, filling jobs from programming to construction. ‘(immigration’s impact on the U.S. economy in 7 charts,2017). And many native Americans think that they are losing jobs because of these immigrants. However, it’s not the truth and reason. native Americans think that they are losing jobs because of these immigrants. However, it’s not the truth and reason. ‘A popular view is that immigrants are taking jobs from American citizens. Nonetheless, although immigrants increased the supply of labor, however, when they get a salary, they also spend pay housing, food, television, and other goods and services, and enlarge the domestic demand. This increase in demand has, in turn, created more jobs to build these homes, make and sell food, and transport televisions’. In some cases, it has spurred economic growth in the United States.’?the effects of immigration on the united states’ economy,2016?. Just because of this circle, U.S. gets lots of Top 500 companies owned by immigrants who got high education and skills and they do know what Americans need in a day. If they just follow what Trump said, it will destroy their own economy. The data shows us about 35 billion U.S dollars food are produced in California’s land, and 75% of the workers in agriculture are illegal immigrants.?How Trump’s assault on immigrants will damage economy/2017?They devote themselves to improving America and get what they deserve at the same time.

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In addition to affecting America’s industries, it also influences U.S educational area. More and more students hesitate to enroll into America’s universities. Although they have already got universities’ enrollments, data shows that the number of international students eventually enrolled won’t be available next year. An earlier version of this story misstated the results of the survey. ‘The survey reported that 40 percent of undergraduate schools reported a drop, rather than 40 percent fewer applicants.'(Is Trump’s immigration rhetoric causing a drop in international student applications,2017) With nearly a million students now in the United States, the cost of these foreign students also makes useful contributions to the U.S economy. ‘a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that focuses on international exchange, nearly 1 million international students attending US colleges and universities contribute 36 billion dollars annually to the US economy.'(Historians annotate and analyze immigration ban’s place in history,2017)They also provide an important source of tuition to universities. Universities will use this money on studying further or exploring scientist and pay for the professors and fix educational or activity facilities. It will be a disaster to U.S economy when these students eventually give up studying in America any longer. Then, when we glance over the most successful companies’ owners’names, we can find that there are lots of high-educated people who are not native Americans and they just put themselves into the development of social life. Lost of them, it’s going to be a blow to the U.S economy.

Because the United States has these students and immigrants on the mainland, their purchase helps to expand the market demand and fiscal revenue in the United States. It could be a case like that these immigrants are willing to choose some low-income and more tired jobs such as lawn mowing and babysitters, which will greatly reduce the cost of these services. In this way, Americans can spend the money where they want it, such as improving their education and making more money. This is a win-win for both Americans as well as workers who come from foreign countries. First, immigration may change the mix of goods and services produced in the economy, thus the occupational and industrial structure of the labor market. For example, the immigration of low-skilled workers may expand the production (provision) of certain products (service) that use low-skilled labor intensively. (The Labor Market Effects of Immigration,/2017) At the same time, immigration can accelerate urbanization in the United States. Once it enters a positive direction, the construction and service industries will need more labor, which will stimulate market demand more. The economy has been greatly promoted.When they get their own salary, they will have the demand to go shopping. Whether it is buying necessities of life or luxury, food, and entertainment consumption, these activities require them to pay excise taxes. As government revenue increases, it can increase social welfare and social security efforts. It is also possible to increase production according to their consumption needs while also creating more employment opportunities. In addition to increasing the number of workers, immigration can also increase the demand for workers, so whilst while immigration can increase competition for existing jobs, it can also create new jobs(How immigrants affect jobs and wages/2017)

After searching some topics and articles, I clearly noticed that people who are called immigrants are the key to push the developments of the economy. In my opinion, Trump’s new administration can have some positive impact that may have alleviated the problem of social order to a certain extent because of the rejection of the entry of Muslims. But his negative impact will be even greater, it may result in lacking cheap labor to promote the tertiary industry in the United States, which will greatly reduce the rate of economic growth in the United States or even become negative growth. I think the U.S cabinet needs to make changes to this immigration policy and make it more complete at a later time. All of these show us that immigration will benefit the growth of market.