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In the summer of 1945 the United States was solely dedicated to the surrender of the Japanese they felt peace would only come once the Japanese military was destroyed.The Japanese military consisted of about five million men not only did they carry great strength these men would literally lay down their life for the protection of their mother country.Although despite the strength of the Japanese army and the possibility that the Soviet Union could come to the aid of Japan the United States was determined to put an end to this nightmare to begin reestablishing peace.According to Memoirs of Secretary of War Henry L.Stimson the plan to defeat Japan consisted of an atomic bomb which had not yet been tested in Mexico.The plan was to create an intensified sea and air blockage also consisting of air bombing.By November 1st the plan was to invade the island of Kyushu and then later by the spring of 1946 invade the main island which was Honshu.Although despite this plan things took a different path creating a new plan that would hopefully bring victory to the United States.President Truman had gotten insight that allowing an invasion into Japan would only end in a large horrific American casualty. President Truman knew that the Soviet Union had great intentions to enter the Japanese War.Immediately after Truman told Stalin about the “new weapon” that was in the making he ordered Soviet Scientists to create their own nuclear weapon.On July 17,1945 the news became public the atomic bomb had been successfully created giving hope to a speedy end of this horrific war.Before now the plan was air bombing and large invasions but this new creation offered hope for all Americans throughout.This would save the slaughter of large armies and also allow overall a much easier time sufficent approach.Although it had already been established that the use of the atomic bomb was not necessary in order to win the war.That most of Japan’s government had been defeated and given six more months the war would be won.On August 6,1945 the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.This holds the same amount of power as fifteen thousand tons of TNT immediately killing over eighty thousand people.Within the following weeks thousands of others wounded died also radiation poisoning got many.The bomb dropped on the city of Hiroshima was nicknamed “Little Boy”.Despite the damage that had just been done within three days which was August 9,1945 another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki which was nicknamed “Fat Man”. Nagasaki was a shipbuilding center and was intended for mass destruction this bomb was dropped 1,650 feet above the city.The explosion had the force of over twenty-two thousand tons killing between sixty to eighty thousand people.Within three days of this attack Japan surrendered ending the second world war.Harry S. Truman led a radio address shortly after the attack that gave Americans hope despite the measures they had to go to in order to accomplish this mission.He stated “Having found the bomb we used it.We used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor.against those who have beaten,starved and executed American prisoners of war,against those who have abandoned the pretense of obeying international laws of warfare.We have used it in order to shorten the agony of war,to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young Americans”.The dropping of bombs was to end the war faster and to create dominance against the Soviet Union.Although the presidential address above boldly explains the hardships and trials that were faced before the victory occurred.