In detects some parameters to a specific field. These


In this paper
introduce IOT (internet of things) technology. IOT is a vast field of
electronic devices which are currently used in technology that are the Home
appliances, Vehicles, Sensors, Mobiles and other embedded system that are used
for exchange the information between the devices via Network. These devices
communicate with each other to perform some functionalities using application
software. In recently the survey of world that the billions of mobile devices
are used in world. Internet of things (IOT) that stimulates the technology in a
framework, this technology shift peoples to another world of technology. 1. The devices are
shift to wireless technology that communicates with each other at anywhere. The
sensors are very important role in our industry that detects some parameters to
a specific field. These sensors operates with software such like detect the
environment changes like weather information to communicate over the
established network to exchange the information in a city or specific region 1 2. We introduce an
Application that contains visual interface of environment of city. The Application
is based on Android platform that can access for every user. That application contains
a map of city or area to help the citizen by using this Application to aware
the environment changes accordingly. This App works like social networking in
which User exchange some information about environment. The map that consist in
map that circles the area of city by coloring that area is either pollution or
healthy 3. The App differentiate the environment of city
using the color Red for Polluted area and Green for healthy to alert the users
to visit the areas. The data of area will be collected from various sensors
that installed on different areas of the city and keep to updated the user on
Application. Another feature in this App to provide information to user about
the traffic that stuck the peoples on road. Map shows identifies the traffic
area or not traffic on the road on different areas by using currently parameters
through the sensors which users to up to date that pick alternate route before
going in this area. Another features in this App that allows to user do
Comments, Posting and Chatting by using this App 4. That facilitate the
user to customize the Area information that they have experience currently
situation by sharing the information among them. That by using this App which
provide to people to smart environment. By using this App user can post some
individual information to share with the specific peoples by using privacy
facility. To using this app the user enabled with internet connection like
WLAN, 3G and other resources of data. In this procedure, the sensors send data
to Server computer and then user access the data or information from the
Server. The App provide a convenient interface to user by using Icons, popups
and Notifications. 3 4