In grow and age against the backdrop of the

a movie that is filmed with the same cast members shot in increments over the
course of 12 years directed by Richard Linklater, Boyhood is a groundbreaking coming of age drama. Linklater’s style
for this film was executed precisely. As the audience, we get to witness the
arc of the story and the physical and emotional transformations each of the
characters experience as they grow and age against the backdrop of the world
and its events. At the core of the movie, it is less about what
it means to be a young boy than it is an aura of time and what it means to be
live in the moment. The
film’s scenes depict the average America culture represented by events of
family meals, outings, birthdays, and graduation. All these adventures capture
major milestones in each of the character’s lives.

            Through the eyes of Mason, played by the film’s
protagonist, Ellar Coltrane, you see so much curiosity, confusion, and concern.

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Samantha, Mason’s older sister, played by the director’s daughter, Lorelei Linklater,
is very mature for her age and grows up right before our eyes.
She changes from an obnoxious
little girl determined to make her brother cringe at the very thought of her to
a preoccupied young lady contemplating her next move in life. And then there’s their
mother, Olivia, played by Patricia Arquette, who seems to never be really be satisfied
with anything in life. Therefore, she endures a series of significant others that don’t necessarily mean her
any good all while trying to build a career and take care of her family. Mason Sr., their father