In have provided evidence that proteasome could contribute to

In a research held by Narsaiah et al.,
(2010) on the tenderizing effect of blade tenderizer and pomegranate fruit
products in goat meat, the tenderness of the pomegranate treated goat meat
scores were much higher for pomegranate seed powder samples than control, the
blade tenderized goat meat. Other attributes did not vary among the samples.
Sensory evaluation results indicated significantly higher (P<0.05) colour values in control and there was no significant difference among other treatments. Based on colour and texture properties 4% pomegranate seed powder was considered as the optimum level for tenderization. According to the study held by Nowak, (2011), last meat tenderness is determined by the rate and extent of post-mortem proteolysis of key myo?brillar proteins in the muscle. The calpains system is the principal contributor to post-mortem proteolysis which is related to meat tenderness. Numerous studies have shown that the main role among the calpain system plays a calpain I and calpastatin. However, a number of later studies have provided evidence that proteasome could contribute to meat tenderisation. Also, it is possible that caspases are responsible for post-mortem proteolysis and meat tenderization. Meat Tenderizers In a study conducted by Belen (2008) papaya stem and pineapple core is used as meat tenderizers, samples effectiveness were analysed in terms of tenderness, aroma, palatability, color, appearance, juiciness, texture and general acceptability. And proved that papaya stem and pineapple core can be effective meat tenderizers. Foedgeding et al., (1996) conducted a study on the tenderization of meat during storage and found out that proteolytic degradation of myofibrils and associated components by endogenous muscle proteases causes tenderization during aging of meat. And it has been evidenced that this process of meat tenderization is multienzymatic in nature and involves a large set of endogenous proteolytic enzymes acting in a synergistic manner