In in class because the sounds of the waves

In chapter three, the key concepts we should embrace
is to manage stress, how our body systems deal with stress and how stress
affects some of our body functions. Managing stress is important because it is
a constant in your life in which it can be a positive or negative change that
will activate your fight-or-flight response. A positive stress response is when
it helps you escape a dangerous situation. While a negative stress response is
when a problem is overwhelming, and out of your control, for example,
forgetting to study for an exam or losing your job. Practicing mindful enables
you to focus so that neuroplasticity can occur which will allow your body,
mind, and energy to harmonies and create the sensation of being in the zone.
The three body systems that deal with stress are the limbic, endocrine, and
immune. A body system that often deals with stress is the limbic system due to
its location in the brain and the ability to secrete the cortisol hormone which
then response via your autonomic nervous system through the endocrine system.
The endocrine system checks upon the number of hormones released before the
hormones travel through the circulatory system with the help of the nervous
system. The stress in the endocrine system causes a reaction in which the
hormones sit for a period of times which can lead to harmful effects. The
immune system goal is to defend the body against illnesses and diseases but,
stress causes exhaustion which compromises the immune system. Stress affects
some of our body functions when our body activates the fight-or-flight response
to a potential threat such as increasing or decreasing heart rate, blood
pressure, breathing, sweating, slow down digestive, insomnia, and dilation of
arteries and pupils.The information that will help me with my
mindfulness practice is to strive for the experience of being in the zone
during a breathing technique. A breathing technique I can use is the Ocean
breathing that we learned in class because the sounds of the waves help me
relax and after a while, my breathing rhythm flows to the rhythm of the waves
crashing. By achieving this experience of being in the zone, I will be able to
live a mindful life due to my body, mind, and energy creating a perfect
harmony.Based on this chapter, I think I need to learn on
how to let go of expectations and negative thoughts but also not to react
instantly to my anger when I do not like a situation will help me manage my
stress more effectively. Mindfulness practice will help me learn to control
negative thought and emotions but also disregard the expectations of other and myself.
Through my mindfulness practice, I want to learn how to shut down my fight-or-flight
response and activate my parasympathetic system so I can move forward and
diminish my stress level from the experience I am currently facing.My thoughts were on how I agree with what the
studies have shown about people who spend time with their families and friends
have more happy experiences than those who do not. The reason why I agree with
this is that every Sunday dinner brings me happiness because I get to spend it
with family but, most importantly it is my nieces and nephews who also make me
smile. My feedback regarding this chapter is to include other mindfulness
techniques besides the four steps MAC because everyone is different and what
works for some might not work on others.