In it is moral. Abortion is the deliberate termination

In this paper, I will be
evaluating the conceptual question, is abortion moral? Being educated on the
topic and the various concepts, I concluded that it is moral. Abortion is the
deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the
first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Morality is the principles concerning the
distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Although the
abortion debate is a continuous controversy, there are certain factors in women’s
lives that need to be considered before judging them for their decision to
proceed with an abortion. These include their health, result of a crime,
unacceptable quality of life (physical handicaps, genetic problems or mental defects),
poverty, unable to cope with a child (or another child) and/or age.

            The abortion debate has caught the attention of many
members of society including theorists and lawmakers but the question that
should be asked is whether they should be interfering with this topic. The
answer is the decision should be left to women who are considering an abortion.

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It should be taken as a private matter due to the fact that it only concerns
the women and their partner if present. One reason why many people are in
favour of abortions is because women have a moral right to decide what they
want to do with their bodies. Often it is only women who bear the blame for the
pregnancies, society ignores the fact that men should take responsibility too. This
is important to discuss because many unwanted pregnancies result from unwanted intercourse
such as rape or incest. When it comes to parenting, there needs to be support
given to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a
child as they grow up and become an adult. Parenthood is challenging and
time-consuming, if an individual is not ready for this, they should not have a
baby. Abortion allows for women to have control over their bodies and they
should have the choice to end their pregnancy if they feel they are not capable
of raising a child.

            As I stated in the previous section, unwanted intercourse
and not being able to cope with a baby at a certain time in life are some of
the reasons why women consider getting abortions. Stability is the quality,
state, or degree of being stable. It should play a major role in deciding
whether to go through the process of abortion. Another reason is for the sake
of the mother’s health, this can include her mental health. If a woman is not
able to be the best parent they can be to their fullest potential due to the
lack of stability then they will most likely go through with an abortion. This
is seen as selfish because many will bring up other alternatives such as giving
the baby up for adoption but it can also be seen as an emotional act because it
takes serious consideration before going through with an abortion. Another
reason why women would go through an abortion is because there are cases where
the child would have serious physical handicaps, genetic problems or mental
defects and all of these can be difficult for one to handle and expensive. Most
people agree that abortion can be morally acceptable if there is a real risk of
a serious damage to the mother or baby, it is less likely to be acceptable to
opponents if it is for social reasons such as poverty, unable to cope or being
too young. On the other hand, many believe abortion is not moral. People are
involved with abortion are usually affected emotionally but also spiritually,
as well. They believe that the foetus is a human from conception and therefore
has a right to life from this time. This is not a proven scientific fact and
since there is difficulty deciding what stage a foetus becomes a being with a
right to life, many argue that abortion is moral.

            Many women have aspirations in life. These can include factors
such as school, work, growing relationships and self-determination. A pregnancy
is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life. It affects one’s body,
relationship, and well-being in general. If one believes that their pregnancy
can stop them from achieving their goals, they should have every right to abort
the baby. This goes for younger women also. Young women face unintended
pregnancy and fear the repercussions that involve their parents. It is less
likely for young women to notify their parents before having an abortion. This
can be because the home is violent or emotionally abusive. Due to this, many
younger women do it secretly and stay feeling guilty their whole life. It is
important that a young woman has access to the same resources older women. Many
younger women get criticized for unintended pregnancies and this should not
happen. This will make it harder for society to understand an individual’s
reasoning as to why they got an abortion in the first place. Although the debate
has two sides, Pro-Life and Pro-choice, with two different opinions, there
needs to be an end to the violent side to the argument. Both movements can meet
common grounds if they are willing to understand and listen to one another’s perspectives.

The more judgment that is taken place in this debate, the more violence will

            There are many different circumstances that play into the
morality of abortion. Women have the right to their own body, future and to
make decisions without intervention by others. Many women have had unintended
pregnancies due to negative experiences (rape or incest) and felt that abortion
was morally right. Others believed that they should not bring a baby into the
world if their health is in danger. Lastly, women deserve to achieve their
goals before ever wanting a child. They should be able to have the decision of
abortion if they feel that the time is simply not right. Abortion is a
terrifying consideration to many, it is emotional and sometimes can be regretful
but it is moral for one to go through every aspect in their life before making
a decision.