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In the prologue, is it explaining how the ancient grudge of two enemy families cause public fights and outbreaks. Violence seems to be a theme present in this play since there will be bloodshed and possibly a civil brawl.It appears that the act of biting your thumb was an insult in the old days of Verona. Sampson, who is a Capulet servant is seen biting his thumb at Abram, a montague servant. Sampson also proceeds to say that if the Montagues take the insult lightly, then they are disgraceful. This dialogue shows that the bite my thumb insult was offensive and serious enough of the servants to fight. As Gregory and Abram mock and challenge each other, another Capulet servant, Gregory joins the heated argument. At the very peak, Sampson ridicules the Montague servants by provoking them to fight if they are men. This taunt was the final offense needed to start up a full-blown fight.It can be seen that Benvolio is trying to stop the fighting and preserve the peace. Benvolio is given a powerful introduction to his character. This is his first ever line of the play, and already we can see that he is a good-natured man who is trying to maintain peacefulness within Verona. Additionally, he also has the ability to make wise decisions. This is evident in how he instructed the fighting men to either put down their weapons, or use it to help him end this fightThe characterization of Tybalt portrays him to be a violent hothead who can’t seem to control his temper. He may also view murder as nothing much since he threatens to kill Benvolio. Tybalt is a Capulet so it is expected that he hates all Montagues as he vows to kill them all.This suggests that the previous fights in the past between the Montagues and the Capulets have erupted as a result of nothing more than a few provocative words. The hatred that these two enemies hold towards is too overwhelming and they are always causing troubles for the citizens of Verona every time they meet.Romeo is infatuated with Rosaline whom he has not even talked to in person. This form of love is only on the physical appearance. The only reason Romeo even has his heart set on Rosaline is probably all because of her external beauty. Soon, Romeo will learn about the huge difference between thinking he is in love and actually falling in love.This discussion is about Paris asking for Juliet to be his bride. Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father explains how she is not even fourteen yet and how he thinks it is too early for her to get married. However, Paris sees that age is not an issue, and even refers to other young girls within the upper class who are already made mothers at Juliet’s age.Nonetheless, Lord Capulet still supports the idea of Paris marrying Juliet. He tells Paris that he approves the courtship of his daughter, but Paris himself will also have to do his part to make Juliet love him. His consent is only part of the marriage. It also depends if Juliet will agree to become Paris’s bride, since he will not force his daughter into marrying someone she doesn’t love.This is a strong indication that only the wealthy upper class individuals had good education. The fact that this Capulet servant failed read the names on the invitation list, sheds light on the harsh reality. Many people of the lower class were illiterate back in ancient Verona. Later, the Capulet servant is seen desperately seeking help from Romeo and Benvolio who happen to walk past by, asking them if any of two could read.