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 In the contemporary world, Internet is like water, it has become an essential thing in our life, a thing we can’t live without. So, what is internet? Internet is a large network facilitating users with valuable data and information around the world. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense under the code name “ARPANET”, At the beginning it was a mere communication tool, but with the introduction of “WWW” {world wide web} by Sir Tim Berners Lee and with the rapid development in technology within a short period of time, Internet has come a long way to what it is now. According to the articles in “” and “”, more than half of the world population uses Internet. Majority of the regular users are teenagers, and the internet can affect them in both, positive and negative ways.When we talk about positive effects of the internet towards teenagers, there is a handful amount of things that we can discuss. One of the biggest benefits of the internet is that it is a Great Aid in the process of learning, mainly teenagers in high school or college can access a wide range of information regarding any topic using the internet and they can also refer Encyclopedias, E- Books, Articles and much more, related to various subjects. Internet provides education subsidies such as online tutorials, online examinations and online distance learning programs which helps and simplifies a teenage students’ life. With the development of the internet, new job opportunities have been generated. Jobs such as web page designing, social media marketing and many such fields are reachable and teenagers can get career guidance services via internet and choose what they prefer to do in the future.Apart from a learning aid, Internet can be identified as a stress reliever. Teenagers who have gone through an examination or an assignment can reduce their stress using online entertainment and other services. Internet provides a wide range of up to date entertainment such as music, movies, TV series, games and much more, which helps teenagers to cope up with stress in an effective manner.Another benefit of the internet towards teenagers is effective, affordable and swift communication tools such as electronic mail, what’s app, viber, skype and many more, which avails teenagers to communicate and keep in touch with their family and friends and they can also use this effective communicating mechanisms to solve their subject related matter with the help of lecturers and teachers in real time.Identically, another popular internet array resulting in a positive effect on teenagers when used to its purpose is social media. Majority of social media users are teenagers and social media is a great space to share pictures, videos, articles, blogs and vlogs of teenagers with their friends and family and it is an ideal way to share their day- today moments. Additionally social media allows its users to connect with worldwide users and it is an exceptional forum to make new friends.Conversely, we can see many disadvantages of internet too. A major negativity of internet towards teenagers is the addiction to internet itself. According to the articles in “” and “”, majority of teenagers are addicted to the internet and they spend around nine hours per day on internet. Due to this addiction teenagers’ loose track on time, family and important work causing them to waste time, doing nothing productive.Subsequently, another disadvantage caused by internet is stress, it is mainly due to the addiction. Articles in “” and “” states that, due to the addiction towards internet, stress and other mental diseases are caused. Resulting huge problems for the addicted teenagers.In addition, another pessimistic effect of the internet on teenagers is cyberbullying. Cyber bullying means sending intimidating messages to the users of internet in a threatening nature in order to receive benefits through the victims. It is typically done by identity theft and hacking. An article in “” states that due to cyberbullying about 4,400 deaths are caused every year, majority are teenagers. Due to the increasing number of deaths, cybersecurity has been formed and presently strict measures are taken to eradicate cyberbullying.Collectively, when all facts are considered we can see that the negativities on teenagers from internet is high. With the help of cybersecurity these malicious activities will be stopped which will cause to an increase in positives over negative effects. As teenagers we should gain all the relatable benefits that the internet offers and neglect all the negativities present, and use internet in an effective manner. 784 words  Academic Writing Essay Written by: RWR Sathsara ID number: 10014165 Batch: FP 17.2Module Lecturer: Ms. Natasha Chamba