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In Malaysia, we are lived in a world that is increasingly affected by disaster events even Malaysia is fortunate to be in a geographic position where is not vulnerable to major natural disaster but disasters can strike anytime and anywhere without conscious are urgent such as earthquakes and hurricanes nonetheless exposed to floods , droughts , the haze and other else . A clearly defined that Malaysia’s children preparedness into disaster awareness are still unawareness.Annually, recurring floods and natural disaster regularly prevent 6,000 in Murudu.Kota Kinabalu from attending and skip a school.Disaster preparedness plan is referred to measures taken to prepare for natural disaster and reduce the effect of disasters.The impact on disaster preparedness will respond to how effectively cope with their consequences. We believe that the disaster preparedness plan in childhood education is important so that will raise awareness for children in Malaysia and also prevent disaster situations in saving maximum lives.

A crisis situation causing widespread damages which difficult for the resident to recover.Disaster is either natural or man-made (Michigan 1998), The country of Malaysia consists of the Peninsular Malaysia, which is part of mainland Southeast Asia, and the states of Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia ) on the northern edges of the island of Borneo. Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate, which causes it to be hot and humid throughout the year. In a year, the average of 250 centimetres and home to the dormant bombalai volcano, which has the potential to be active.It is nearly 1,000 feet in diameter.It is estimated that the last eruption occurred about 27,000 years old.

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From the case study, the research question of this project is, ” What is the importance of knowledge and awareness of disaster preparedness among children in Malaysia ?” as the question, the objective is really needed. That question and the research objective to examine the importance of knowledge and awareness of disaster preparedness among children in Malaysia through create learning book kit. According to Rebecca Treiman and Brett Kessier,