In Portuguese. The first thought I had after reading

William Simmond’s excerpt from The
Proceedings of the English Colonie in Virginia, a recount of the events
that occurred from 1606 to 1612. The excerpt begins by explaining how the
Spaniards had great luck and wealth from settling colonies, while the Virginia
Company’s efforts to establish a colony at Jamestown left them defeated and on
the brink of starvation. It seemed as though the settlers were not equipped
appropriately and lacked important skills needed in colonizing the land.

            This excerpt relates back to the
readings from the chapter and the lectures because Chapter 2 of the text
explains colonization beginning with the Spaniards and ending with the
Algonquian Wars. More directly related, it provides detailed history of the
Virginia Company of London’s efforts to turn a profit from Jamestown, together
with what proceeded after the accounts told in the excerpt.

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            The excerpt was very confusing to me
the first few times reading it. I had a lot of questions because, even though I
knew about the story of the first colonists at Jamestown, I never quite
understood what happened in detail. The excerpt was hard to follow along to at
times, but I soon understood that they were ultimately comparing Jamestown to
the colonies of the Spaniards and Portuguese. The first thought I had after
reading this was why Virginia? I began researching this and found that the
Virginia Company initially chose Jamestown because of the location in relation
to the Spaniards and possible attacks. But even with this reason and aside from
finding gold, why did they not send men with the skills and equipment to defend
the colony if necessary and better provide for their people in order to
establish this new colony. Last, the excerpt makes me wonder what those
colonizing may have done differently had they known what the Virginia was like
at this time.