In Seeing how upset I was, my parents offered


 In year 6 I played ‘Ratty’ in my school’s production of ‘Wind in the Willows’. After dancing around on the stage for an hour in a little waistcoat and straw hat, I was so upset that it was over that I sat in the dressing room and refused to take my costume off until my parents had to physically drag me home. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, this is the moment that I now recognise as the one that sparked my need to sing and perform. Seeing how upset I was, my parents offered for me to have singing lessons in secondary school and, out of pure joy, I cried some more. Eight years on I cause a lot less trouble when I perform, but I love it even more. I am at my happiest when surrounded by music and singing, and I want to be encompassed by it for as long as is humanly possible.


In July I achieved a high distinction in my Grade 8 singing from Trinity College London, of which I am extremely proud. Although I take studying music seriously, I really enjoy it, which led me to be a part of B&NES County Choir, in order to further my learning in an energetic and welcoming environment. This provided me with many amazing opportunities, such as singing in the Royal Albert Hall in London and being a part of the National Festival of Music for Youth, for which I am so grateful. I was also an active part of my school choir, finding learning in a group and helping others to learn exhilarating. This was the ensemble I found the most fun, as, although we often looked at simple repertoire, it allowed me to be free as a singer and remember why I sing; simply because I love it.

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Last year I completed my A-Levels in Psychology and English Literature and my AS-Levels in Biology and Philosophy & Ethics. Although I found my studies challenging in parts, looking back I now realise that this only inspired me to work harder in order to achieve. Being in education was the best experience for me and one I greatly miss. It has been extremely beneficia; encouraging me to apply the optimum amount of effort and an optimistic attitude towards further studies.


As well as music, I like to expand my skills in other areas. I really enjoy working out and going to the gym, and I run regularly with a local group, finding this to be rewarding both mentally and physically. Running with other people encourages me to try harder and I benefit greatly from mutual support and reassurance. In turn, this course is perfect for me because I love learning alongside other people and as a group, part of which comes from completing my Bronze DofE Award, which taught me how to act properly as a team to overcome any challenges we may encounter.


I am eager to push myself on this course in order to further my singing career. I wish to expand my technical skills and work on becoming a performer and I hope to use the knowledge and experience I gain from these studies to become a singing tutor in peripatetic lessons. I hope I can inspire the same motivation in others as I have had in myself throughout the entirety of my learning. I am an eager student who is looking forward to overcoming the challenges of university, expanding my vocal studies and being an active part of academic life.