In Slogan ‘Refugees Welcome’ by the host nations became

In 2014, when ISIS
announced caliphate and started mass killings, thousands of Syrians tried to
flee to Europe seeking shelter and asylum, but the European Union prevented the
entry of mass numbers of migrants onto the subcontinent with the claim that it
will negatively affect the economy and social welfare of the European nations. EU
started to impose fines on airlines that transported refugees without
documents. Also EU stopped funding Mare Nostrum, which resulted in the death of
thousands of immigrants in the Mediterranean.

The attitude of the
European nations as well as the world over towards the Syrian refugees changed
when the picture of the dead body of Aylan Kurdi, a three year old Syrian boy,
washed upon the Turkish beach gained wide world view. The boy and his family
were trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach the EU for asylum whilst he
drowned. This incident was succeeded with the mass support towards refugees
from the European citizens. The Slogan ‘Refugees Welcome’ by the host nations
became popular during this time. The nations Britain, France and Germany pledged
to take in thousands of refugees into their countries after this terrible
incident. Though the EU and the different European nations were accommodating
towards the refugees at first, they became reluctant to accept more refugees
inside their boundaries when the influx became uncontrollable.

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A total of around 1.7
million people have registered as refugees in various countries ever since the start
of the uprisings against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011.


The basic conclusion
that can be drawn from this research is that the issue of the Syrian refugee crisis
had a fundamental and significant impact on the different aspects of the
European society.

This refugee crisis has
shook Europe as a whole and not just a handful of the countries. It also
imposes a challenge to the entire European construction project and not just
some of the EU’s policies. This entire issue questions the EU’s founding values
and also examines the cohesion between the different European societies in this
matter. Also the huge number of refugee arrivals in some member states reveals
the fragility of the social welfare systems working there which had already
been hit by economic crisis and austerity policies. Another conclusion that can
be drawn is that, if well utilized, the influx of the migrant population could
be an opportunity to revitalize European labour markets.