In subsumed into an overarching discussion concerning relationship marketing

In the current context, the fluidity of supply and demand, as well as the mechanism of the price system, are guaranteed, facilitated and favoured by the efforts of the players to win new customers by physical commercial prospecting of their sales force. The client portfolio is a capital and represents the true value of a company (Barth, 2005). The future of a company is then guaranteed by its ability to create new and effective business relationships. In business relations, this process is produced by the customer-seller dyad. Then, the question of transactional-relational duality allows us to bounce back on the rich debate between the economic and the sociological, between utilitarianism and the social. Indeed, in a commercial relationship, the decision must be understood from economic foundations but also from relational positions. While business-to-business marketing is itself distinctive from the marketing of fast-moving consumer goods, all of these different types of marketing have been subsumed into an overarching discussion concerning relationship marketing (Sheth and Parvatiyar, 2000).

In this context, the question asked in this research can be formulated as follows: given the economic and social perspectives that implies a first commercial relationship between a customer and a seller, how can we, on the one hand, explain its efficiency by the combination of transactional and relational dimensions and, on the other hand, characterize the process of the initial business decision?

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Regarding the effectiveness of an initial sale, the study of transactional antecedents and other relational prerequisites illuminates and highlights the understanding of the factors involved in a first commercial relationship, between a customer and a seller. In addition, some questions about the roles of trust in the initial sale also need to be asked in order to enrich the theoretical body of the sales research field (Barth, 2001, 2004; Boule & Gotteland, 2003; Bergadàa, 2005).